Things that I've done and what not..
Be kissed under the rain - Done
Wake boarding - Done
Have my own website - Done (
White water rafting - Done 
Surfing - Done
Surf in reef - Done
Join a surfing competition - Done
To see a firefly - Done
Go on a roadtrip - Done
To have my own surfboard and customize it - Done (KM.69)
To teach someone to surf - Done
Try other surf spots - Done
Join a travel tour - Done (Barefoot travels)
Join a writing contest - Done
Drive a motorbike - Done
Free diving/Skin Diving - Done (Seazoned PH)
Cross a hanging bridge - Done
Skinny dip - Done
Visit a Volcano crater - Done 
Ride Banana boat - Done
Try Weed - Done
To be inked by Apo Whang Od in Kalinga - Done
Get a traditional tattoo - Done
Create an organization/club - Done (NymPH)
Join an event for a cause - Done
Doodle in public -  Done
Try Indo boardDone
Do Kayak - Done
Spelunking - Done
Have a tattoo - Done
Domestic flight alone - Done
Domestic Flight with my partner - Done
Pet a deer - Done
See Elephant in person - Done
Ride a boat - Done
See tarsiers in person - Done
Ride a bike on the main road - Done
Swim with whaleshark - Done
Hold a tarantula - Done
Swim with Jellyfish - Done
Swim with turtle/tortoise -Done
Stay in a hostel - Done
Touch the wall (surf) - Done
Cross step (surf) - Done
Set up a tent by the shore - Done
Horse back riding - Done
Be topless on a beach - Done
Be at 2 place same time - Done
Dragged by a boat - Done
To run on a marathon - Done
Fish feeding - Done
Snorkeling -Done
Try Cliff jumping - Done
Zipline - Done
Rude Asia's Longest dual zip - Done
Surf until sunset - Done
To see a plankton - Done
See Banaue rice terraces - Done

To host an event - Done
See Cherry Blossoms
Experience fine dine
To join an expedition
Be on a cruise ship
Swim wearing a mermaid tail
Swim with Manta rays
Swim with Sting rays
Experience Fall 
Volunteer on a marine conservation organization
Climb the Pico de loro's monolith
Have a Kawa bath - Done
Scuba diving
To be on a 30-day surf trip
Be a Paws member
Freedive topless
Freedive naked
Eat something exotic
Fly in first class
Try jet pack 
Try Flowboarding
Try Dragon boat
Learn to drive
Do Yoga by the beach
Ride a Hot air balloon
Try kite boarding
Try ice skating
Try flying trapeze
Try golf
Try skiing 
Try wall climbing
Try paragliding 
Try Skim boarding - Done
Try archery - Done
Try paddleboarding - Done
International flight alone
International flight with my Partner- Done
Plant a tree
Pet an eel
See pandas in person
See penguins in person
See hatching pawikan
See baby pawikan go to the sea
Try strawberry picking
Sing on stage
Swim with Dolphins
Swim with sharks
Swim with sardines- Done
Swim with seal
Win a surf competition
See northern lights
Witness a solar eclipse 
Witness a lunar eclipse
To Hang 5
To Hang 10
Wear a wet suit
Ride a yacht
Drive a jet ski 
Drive a speedboat
Try Bungee jumping
Take part in a triathlon
Learn a new language
Experience snow
Be a brand ambassador 
Bake a cake for someone
Be topless on a mountain summit
Planking at San Juanico bridge
Dive in Tubbataha reef
Go somewhere without any itinerary
To have a beach wedding
To die making a difference

More to come..

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