Saturday, May 6, 2017

NymPH Launch - Masasa Cleanup drive

Who would have thought that on a fine random day will start a serious advocacy like this? An organization that aims to make a difference. An organization that hopes to have an impact to the world.
We started on a small group chat nung nagkaayaan kami na mag clean up. Nagustuhan namin yung idea then we talked about what are the things that we wanted to achieve, mapashort term man or long term. To make it formal, we have come up with the Mission and Vision which is the backbone of any organization.
Dive. Collect. Educate

An ocean safe for all

Who is NymPH?
We are a group of spirited maidens fueled with passion hoping to heal the ocean and make it safe for all.

What does NymPH do?
As we tread and immerse our way to the waters, we aspire to make every dive trip more meaningful and with greater impact by:
- conducting clean-ups one beach at a time — both on the shores and in the waters,
- promoting proper waste disposal and plastic use reduction through information, education, and communication campaigns on all possible media, and
- organizing and participating in dive events promoting responsible and sustainable tourism.
Moving forward, we envision partnerships with local government units and other organizations to educate and mobilize coastal communities in taking care of the environment they live in.

We dream of the day we no longer need cleanups and campaigns — an ocean safe for all.

We chose Masasa as our first project kasi simula nung naging sikat sya eh naging madumi na yung lugar. Every weekend puno yung shore ng campers and ang sakit sa mata ng mga basura. We were there last February kaya rin naging aware kami sa current situation nung lugar. 

First day: March 18, 2017
Nagkita kita kmi sa Mcdo Taft and sumakay sa Jam liner bus bound to Batangas Grand terminal. We arrived at BGT around 5:00 AM.

Fare: PHP 157

From BGT, sumakay ng jeepney papuntang Anilao Port
Fare: PHP 37 
5:45 AM Arrived at Anilao Port
May pumila na sa amin to secure our spot sa public boat while the rest is namalengke for the food over the weekend.

By the way, if you will be traveling on a large group some locals are offering round trip boat transportation. According to the local na nakausap namin sa port one-way costs PHP 3500 for 15 persons.
Since mahirap lang kami we chose the public boat *charot! 
Boat fare: PHP 80
Environmental fee PHP 30
Tingloy to Masasa Tricycle PHP 30/pax

7:30 AM We left Anilao Port
8:47 AM Arrived at Ate Teng's home stay which is located in Pirasan area; just few minutes away from Masasa. 
Ate Teng
Prepared for the launch and rest before dive
11:00 AM We decided na i-explore yung tapat ng homestay namin. To our surprise and daming basura, probably because malapit sya sa port at nasa residential area siya.

On that specific moment we collected 2 sacks of trash. Actually may natira pa nga, medyo nagutom na kami that's why we decided to stop.
We were accompanied by this cute little boy during the cleanup (Roy - wearing green sando).
Kahit treading lang siya underwater cool na cool pa rin.  
12:00 NN Lunch
3:30 PM We started our shore cleanup . Walked all the way to Masasa with nothing but onion sacks.
We collected different types of non biodegradable trash and it all came from the CAMPERS! 
I had to put emphasis to the campers because it was very disappointing. Sana everyone will apply the LNT principle (Leave No Trace) though there were some who knows to clean their own mess and Kudos to you guys!
6:30 PM Off to Tingloy and went to Tre Bale Vista Inn to join The Pisces Project to talk about Dagat. Ang daming learnings! Thanks to Glenn who is the mind of this project. 
Thank you Glenn! :)
9:00 PM We decided to go home.
It was dark, walang poste ng ilaw sa mountain area. Ang lamig ng simoy ng hangin at sinabayan pa ang magandang bituin.
Upon arrival kulitan konti then sleep na
Next day 
March 18, 2017
7:00 AM Woke up, ate breakfast and prepared for the second shore cleanup.
8:00 am head to Masasa for the shore cleanup. Iba't ibang reactions ang natanggap namin, may curious, may nag kudos, may tumulong at yung iba naman walang pakialam. On that morning we filled roughly 4 sacks of trash. Ang daming cigarette butts at plastic straws.

10:30 Head back, at lunch and prepared to go home.
1. The local government no longer allow overnight stay in Masasa and they can only stay until 7:00 PM.
2. It is better na magpalista na habang maaga para makasakay agad ng boat.
3. Make sure na hndi aalis sa pila kasi they are doing a roll call kaya be attentive na rin.  

4. Please be mindful of your own TRASH! Always apply the LNT principle.
5. Keep your cigarette butts in one place. Instead of tossing it on the sand, you can put it inside a plastic bottle with small amount of water.
If you wanted to join our future cleanups please give us a follow on our FB/IG page: NymPH
**This blog post came from the author's personal view and does not represent the whole organization.  

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