Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sinuyod ang Manjuyod

Day 4: August 21 2016
Manjuyod sandbar is known to be the Maldives of the Philippines because of its fine white sand and clear pristine water. I always wanted to go to Maldives that's why I cannot miss to experience our very own.
Woke up at 4:00 AM. Our new found friends will be meeting us at 4:45 AM at Ceres bus terminal.
They actually have a boat contact and they got our boat package for PHP 2,500.00 which is good for 4 people already. The tour consists of Manjuyod Sandbar and Dolphin watching in Bais.

Local Government regular boat fee: PHP 3000-5000 (depending on the number passengers).

Note: Kung gusto mong makamura, maging friendly ka! ;)
5:00 AM  Bus left for Bais where we will meet our guide. We rode a non air conditioned bus and raveled for more than an hour because the bus is picking and dropping off passengers along the way.

6:10 AM Arrived at Bais bus stop. 
Bought cooked lunch at the nearby market. If you will be travelling in groups and got plenty of time to spare, I would suggest that you guys buy fresh food and just grill it on the boat.
That's Borge one of our NFF (New found friend)
The sun is elusive during our trip but we must go on.
The Sanbar is a 10 minute boat ride from the Bais port.
We were able to catch tiny piece sandbar as its already high tide. 
Sand was white and fine
If you really wanted to get the full sandbar I suggest to go early or wait until afternoon low tide.
Photo ops for 5 minutes only then head to dolphin-watching
And that's our other NFF Joem wearing black
There were few trash along the way. Just hoping the locals will take care of the ocean especially their main source of livelihood come from the ocean.
We were roaming for quite some time and still no trace of dolphins, all I saw was a single flying fish. I was already losing hope.

The weather started to get ugly as we go back to the sandbar brokenhearted.

Back to Sandbar
Photo ops
No harm done on the star fishes. They were already out of the water when we arrived. I decided not to touch them as the tide is getting high rapidly
Ate early lunch
While we are having our lunch this boat arrived selling oyster and other kind of shell fish.
I really envy those who loves to eat seafood, How I wish my tongue approves the taste as much as they do.
Pusuan mo beh!
Chill for a moment
The water is amazing and it was really Crystal clear.
10:30 AM back to the port. No dolphin but still thankful because everything falls perfectly though there were minor last minute changes due to unforeseen circumstances.

We freshen up on nearby houses and paid PHP 20.00.

Back to Dumaguete city and rest.
Head to Robinson's Mall.

Today marks our final day in Dumaguete that's why we have to make the most out of it.

Bought shirts for my partner's family and sans rival (I like the Choco late more)

Went to Rizal boulevard, ate balot,penoy and squid balls!
Ate dinner at Harold's because we were both lazy and tired to go out.
We ordered Lechon kawali again and chili prawn (quality)

Contact in Manjuyod:
Kuya Hadji.

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