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Siquijor-Dumaguete-Apo Island-Manjuyod Sample Itinerary

Hello there papel!

I am now on the most crucial phase of my pre-trip ritual which is the creation of our travel itinerary. I personally call this as the make or break part because poor planing could lead to chaos. I need to make sure everything are planned properly but at the same time keeping in mind that of course not everything will turn out as planned.
I know that this is a jam packed itinerary and it might feel like we're part of "The Amazing Race", well you can't blame me I just want to make the most out of our trip.

I've collated all the information I read online and some are recommendations from my friends including Accommodations,Fares,tourist spots, distance from 1 place to another etc.

The itinerary is yet to be proven but feel free to use this as a guide.
I will be posting our actual trip story soon :)

Day 1: August 17 2016 – Manila – Dumaguete – Siquijor
From Airport flag a tricycle to take you to Dumaguete Sea Port or Pier in Looc.
Fast craft ferry expected travel time is 1 hour.

Resorts to choose from:

*Tori’s Backpacker's Paradise (Maite, San Juan) – approx. PHP 500
*The Bruce (Solangon, San Juan) - approx. PHP 750 – PHP 1800
*Charisma Beach resort, San Juan (Solangon, San Juan) –approx. PHP 450 – PHP 3000
*Coral Cay Resort (Solangon, San Juan) – approx. PHP 1000 – PHP 4000

My accommodation of choice are all located in San Juan mainly because according to some blogs I read online it is the perfect spot to watch the mesmerizing sunset in Siquijor.

Flight Details:

Day 2: August 18 2016 – Siquijor Town tour


Photo taken from our friend Google

From Tori's Backpacker's paradise 4km
From The Bruce 6km
From Charisma Beach resort 8km
From Coral Cay 8km

Where to:
San Juan
* Lugnason Falls – Napo (Entrance Fee: Free / Guide Fee: PHP40.00)
* Tubod Marine Sanctuary – Tubod (Entrance Fee: PHP50.00) - 4.1km
* Capilay Spring Park – Circumferential road (Entrance Fee: Free) - 2.7km
* Paliton Beach – Paliton (Entrance Fee: Free) - 4.4km

*St. Francis of Assisi of Siquijor – Siquijor (Entrance Fee: Free) – 9.3km
* Guiwanon Spring Park – Luyang (Entrance Fee: PHP10.00) – 5.9km
* Cantabon cave – Cantabon (Entrance Fee: PHP20 / Guide Fee: PHP500.00)

Enrique Villanueva
* Tulapos Marine Sanctuary – Tulapos (Entrance Fee: PHP50.00) - 15.1k
* Cang Isok house

* Salagdoong Beach – (Entrance Fee: PHP70.00) – 10.1km
* Salagdoong Forest Reserve
* Kagusuan Beach – (Entrance Fee: Free) – 16.2km

* Cambugahay Falls – (Entrance Fee: Free) – 10.3km
* San Isidro Labrador Church and convent – (Entrance Fee: Free) – 1.9km
* Century-old Balete Tree – (Entrance Fee: Free) – 8.3km

++++Other spots to Visit++++
* Bulalakaw Forest Reservation
* Larena Bell Tower
* Butterfly Sanctuary
* Dacanay Cave
* Eugenia Cave
* Tagmanocan Cave

BACK TO DUMAGUETE and check-in to Harold's Mansion

Day 3: August 19 – Apo Island tour
The bus ride from Dumaguete to Malatapay Market in Zamboanguita (25.4km from Harolds Mansion).

Chartered pump boat to Apo Island costs PHP 2, 000 (up to 4 persons; whole day round trip rate).
Entrance Fee – PHP100.00

Snorkeling gear rental PHP (whole day)
Life vest – P100
Mask with snorkel – P100
Aqua shoes – P100

Snorkeling guide – P300 per guide (whole day)

++++Other spots to Visit++++
*Lake Balanan

Day 4: August 20 – Bais bay dolphin watching tour and Manjuyod sandbar tour
Note: Must arrive to Bais at 6:30 AM or earlier

*From Dumaguete City take a Ceres Bus Liner at their terminal near Robinson's Place at Brgy. Calindagan

At Bais town proper get on a trike to either:

Capiñahan Wharf (South Bais Bay) – Where local government-operated boats are located
Canibol Wharf (North Bais Bay) – Where private boats are located.The boats will take you to the middle of the Tañon Strait for dolphin-watching, then bring you to the Manjuyod Sandbar.

Boat Fee: PHP 3000-5000

++++Other spots to Visit++++
* Bird Sanctuary
*Mangrove Park

Day 5: August 21 – Dumaguete Town tour
Hotels to choose from:
*Harolds Mansion - 205 Hibbard Avenue, Brgy. Looc, Dumaguete City – approx. PHP800-PHP1500

Where to:
*Lake Balinsasayao “twin lakes” – (Entrance Fee: PHP10.00) 27.9km -Sibulan
Bus: 20mins
Habal2x: 40mins (PHP200.00)

*Casaroro Falls – 35.2km
Jeep to Valencia: 15-20mins
Habal2x: 15mins (PHP100)

* Dumaguete Boulevard - 1.2km
* Silliman University Campus - 600m
* Dumaguete Belfry Tower – 550m

++++Other spots to Visit++++
* Dauin Beaches
* Pulang Bato Falls
* The Forest Camp

*** (scoopy 350/day)

Day 6: August 22 – Dumaguete - Manila
Estimated Expenses 15000/2pax

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  1. Hi, do you have the schedule of public-operated boats in Capinahan Wharf? And also the cost per ride? :) Thank you!

  2. Hi babe. Sorry I do not have the schedule, it just happen that I met someone who got a contact there.. :)


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