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Home of gentle people - Dumaguete to Siquijor

Day 0: August 17 2016

On the date of our trip concerned citizen of the Philippines (officemates/friends) warned us about the old beliefs in siquijor. Sabi nila if someone tries to touch us eh we have to tap whoever that is back, some believed that it’s the mangbabarang's way of passing bad luck. I DON'T KNOW but there's no harm on being cautious. Some also says don't spit as they might use it against you to make you sick. I am not sure if these people really care or just wanted to scare the hell out of me! Lol
Surprisingly there's no traffic on our way to the airport.

We decided to kill our extra time near the boarding gate while contemplating about why does army navy named their fries freedom.

We're supposed to be boarding at 11:30 AM but I am hearing announcements of delayed flights due to some aircraft servicing issues that's why I prepared myself for the worst to happen. I JUST hope that we arrive at Dumaguete airport before dawn because we would like to catch the last boat trip to Siquijor which is 6:00 o'clock in the evening.

12:15 PM Boarded the aircraft

1:50 PM Safely landed at Dumaguete Airport

2:15 PM Sibulan Sea port - They have several ferry company that could bring you to Siquijor - Just pick who got the earliest trip it's just a 1 hour ride anyway.

From the Airport - we hailed a tricycle to bring us to Sibulan Port We bought tickets to siquijor for 3:30 PM. We ate lunch while waiting for our boarding time
Ticket price: PHP 100/pax
Terminal fee: PHP 15/pax

2:50 PM Boarding time
3:40 PM Off to siquijor

It was one hell of a ride. Not a smooth ride at all but we're still happy as the sun is shining gracefully from above. It's been raining in the last few days and I am really looking forward to see the sun up there.

I couldn't remember how many times my stomach got upset that's why I had to force myself to sleep.

5:30 PM Touch down Siquijor

What I notice from this place is people are not aggressive. Based from our previous trips most of the time some local folks tend to overwhelm tourists offering tours and since I was already expecting that to happen I avoid eye contact as much as I can.

As we exited the port peacefully staring blankly, not looking left nor right as I am not planning to rent a guide to explore the island, the locals remained calm. Although I am not making any eye contact I can see on my peripherals that they stay on the same spot and just telling what they have for us on a very soft tone. I will probably name this  island "home of gentle people", yes just like the people of Dumaguete.

Outside the port we saw couple of motorbikes to rent, we picked the scoopy again and paid for it.

Motorbike Rent: PHP 350
We missed the sunset. Fucking waze, it pointed us to an incorrect location.
This is what's left when we arrived

We asked couple of locals and we finally located The Bruce resort unfortunately they are already fully booked but the good thing about it is we spotted a very affordable place to stay for only PHP 350.

A Tiny room with own bath is not bad at all. Bought toiletries and got our tank full
Dinner on a road side eatery with this cutie on the side

Siquijor is a small island with few towns, you can pretty much do a coastal tour for a day, since we arrived late we decided to call it a day and get more sleep as much as we can in preparation for the next day's activity. Tomorrow will be more awesome :)

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