Saturday, July 30, 2016

Seazoned.PH experience (City dive hugot)

I wasn’t really planning to write something about my Seazoned PH experience but unfortunately my mind kept on bugging me right now and looks like it wanted to me spill some excess thoughts. Maybe it’s my mind’s defense mechanism to free up some space for it to accommodate new ones or baka nalokoka lang ako.

I was influenced by my dear seaster Gen Abanilla to try this sport. The seductive photo under water (yung pang cover photo or profile picture goals) plus sneak peek of what’s down there made me say “YES” without any second thoughts and of course it has been part of my TO-DO list.
Saturday of July 23, 2016 I went home around 6AM fresh na fresh from graveyard shift at mainit init pa, took my much needed sleep and woke up at 11AM. OO na! aamin na, ako ang babaeng walang pahinga.

Arrived at Scuba Studio around 1PM. The class is scheduled to start at 1PM but we started the discussion at 2PM pinoy tayo eh!deh joke lang we actually waited for other participants to arrive. The seasoned experience is consisting of 2 hour basic lesson on skin diving (Classroom type) and 3 hour pool time.
Akala ko noon sa tubig ka lang malulunod pero ngayon alam ko na pati pala feelings nakakalunod!
To be honest I was a little bit nervous because I know my capacity and I don’t think I can hold my breath for a long period of time.

At the beginning of the class they introduced the gears that free divers use (Mask, Snorkel and long fins). I never thought that there were different types of fins and masks. After we learned about the gears and its use we started with our breathing exercises and learned the power of Equalization. 
Sharing of experiences jk! practice lang ng breathing exercises
Both plays a vital role in free diving and if you do not apply any of these you will not be able to descend nor ascend properly.

At the end of the classroom discussion they shared few safety reminders.
1. Never dive alone - may forever sa dagat
2. Look for a buddy who knows how to rescue - piliin mo yung hindi ka kayang saktan at pabayaan, huwag kang tanga!
3. Do not hyperventilate - kahit ngitian ka ni crush o kaya naman kahit mag dikit yung mga wetsuit nyo
4. One up, One down - that's how it works, hindi lahat ng oras nasa itaas ka, o kaya naman eh nasa ibaba ka.
5. Never force equalize - Tandaan! hindi masarap lahat ng pinipilit. 
6. Remove snorkel when ascent/descent - Oh sabi snorkel lang ang hubarin mo hindi kasama yung bikini.
7. Dive with buoy or markers - Para naman hindi kana masaktan. Para lahat ng lalapit sayo iingatan ka.
 As well as dive etiquette that MUST be followed. Mahiya ka naman, irespeto mo ang kapaligiran.
1. Look only don't touch - makuha ka sa tingin
2. Do not chase or harass aquatic life - I've got my eyes on you (sabi ng Commissiong on Human Resource charot! Rights)
3. Do not collect or remove anything - nananahimik papakialaman mo? tapos sa bandang huli sasaktan mo lang rin? #dontme
4. Pay attention to your surrounding - Wag kang sushunga shunga, Field report muna bago sugod
5. Collect trash if you see any - Pero yung ex mo na binasura mo na dahil pinagpalit ka sa iba H'wag mo nang balikan pa
MY much awaited part. Pool time! :)
20ft? yaiks!
My girls decided to goof around while they were setting up the buoysPak! Ganern!
Moment of truth! Application of what we've learned. Man! I was so surprised when I was able to hold my breath for almost a minute.

Dati rati hindi lang kita makita ng isang minuto halos ikamatay ko na pero ngayon kahit hindi kita makita forever okay pa rin ako. Hala wrong blog post. *erase.
Before I am already struggling if I try to hold my breath for 20 seconds but now my longest is 40 to 50 seconds. This event is indeed fun and full of self discoveries
Then we end the night with a post dive dinner.
Ngiting tagumpay!
Kunwari stolen.
1. Be Patient - makakamove on ka rin, este lulubog ka rin.
2. Invest wisely - Piliin mo kung kanino ka mafafall. Piliin mo yung worth it kahit may kamahalan, yung hindi ka iiwan, yung sasamahan ka at irerescue ka pag wasted na wasted kana.
3. Keep calm and dive deep (Char) - Kalma P*ta! kahit dive buddy mo si crush wag kang paobvious.

What to wear:
Rash guard and leggings or wet suit - Malamig ang tubig, kasing lamig ng relasyon ninyo noon.

What to bring:
Goggles or Mask - Para kapag nandyan na si MR./Ms. Right madali mo syang makikita. Aura lang ng aura!
Snorkel - Para kapag hirap na hirap kana at hindi mo na kaya may sasagip sayo
Towel - Pamunas luha
Toiletries - Ito naman yung mag papaalala sayo na kailangan mong alagaan ang sarili mo kahit na wala na sya
Light snack and Drinking Water - H'wag mo na siyang hintayin, hindi ka nya dadalhan ng pagkain
Extra money - Para naman pag nag kaayaan kumain sa labas eh may pangkain ka, Masaya rin kasi after dive pwedeng mag share ng experiences. Sa wakas maikukwento mo na kung paano ka Iniwan, Nasaktan, Binalikan, Iniwan ulit, Nagpakatanga, Nasaktan pa rin, Nag move on, Nagtravel, Gumanda.

Batch 7 :)
Classroom Instructors:

Pool Instructors:

Pool Photographer: Aya Jarilla

Location: 308 P. Guevarra corner Seaview Streets, San Juan City, Metro Manila. Landmarks near Scuba Studio will be Oyasumi Ramen and Wilson Square (might change without prior notice that’s why I suggest contact the event POC if you’re interested).

PS: Some photos are mine while some are grabbed from Aya and batchmates.


  1. How much po yung session nila for begginners?

    1. Hello Giselle, kindly contact seazoned for their updated rates :)


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