Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sweetest mango ever! - Only in Guimaras

Day 4: February 14
Guimaras Bound

1:30 PM Arrived at Ortiz port, We paid PHP 14 fare for passenger boat that could accommodate 30-40 passengers.
1:45 PM Left the port
2:00 PM Arrived at Jordan, Guimaras.
3:05 PM Arrived at Magic Island. I totally under estimated the distance of every town. I thought we’ll be able to explore it half day but you actually need a whole day to see the whole island.
My Auntie booked a package with Magic Island for PHP 1500/pax which includes overnight stay, 3 full meals, 2 snacks plus island hopping.
Upon our arrival we were warmly welcomed by the staff and prepared our snack. We missed the lunch schedule but they told us that we could still have our late lunch later.
For snack we ate suman (Philippine rice cake).

Around 4:00 PM they served us a very fresh and sapid lunch.
Sinigang na isda, Buttered shrimp, Crabs and the sweetest mango for dessert.

It was a gloomy day, we were actually planning to have our island hopping tour but we preferred not to since looks like it will rain any moment. Tada! It rained so we just rested and chill while we enjoy the overlooking view of the ocean, watching different kinds of sea creatures, observing tides.
By dinner we ate Adobo, Sweet and sour fish, chopsuey and mango again for dessert.
After dinner, went to bed.

Day 5: February 15
Fun started the next day, had our breakfast, went for a swim.
And we started the island hopping tour around 8:30 AM – 9:00 AM (couldn’t remember anymore).

Arrived at our first destination; SAND BAR at 9:30 AM. This tourist attraction is just newly built last April 2015 and donated by ABS-CBN,
Entrance fee: PHP 50

Afterwards we cruise on a broad mangroves plantation; I guess this is under the care of Taklong Island National Marine Reserve (TINMR).
Entrance fee: Donation only

Then head to their office and watch the taklong islands on their tower, don’t worry hike is not that steep.

Entrance fee: Donation only

I was actually expecting to see these islands but I was wrong! Lol if you wanted to visit the islands listed below, you have to stay in Jordan.

1. A V E   M A R I A   I S L A N D
Address: Sitio Lusay, Jordan, Guimaras
Entrance Fee: None
2.   B A R A S   C A V E
Address: Bgry. Lawi, Jordan, Guimaras
Entrance Fee: None
3. N A T A G O   B E A C H
Address: Sinapsapan, Jordan, Guimaras
Entrance Fee: None
4. T U R T L E   S A N C T U A R Y
Address: Sitio Lusay, Jordan, Guimaras
Entrance Fee: Php5.00
5. S E A F D E C
Address: Igang Marine Station, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras
Entrance Fee: Php5.00

12:30 PM we started our land tour.
Cost: PHP 1500/3pax

First on the list was Guisi lighthouse and Guisi beach, we arrived there around 1:00 PM. Just took couple of photos and went off to the next.

We didn't attempted to go down since we are both allergic to stairs lol
Entrance fee: PHP 20 (Guisi Lighthouse)
1:55 PM Trappist Monastery
 Entrance fee: Donation only

At 2:25 PM we are already at the Holy family hill where we saw human-sized statues of the station of the cross.

Entrance fee: Donation only

3:05 PM Small plaza, our last stop. This place was once included in the Guinness world record as the world’s smallest plaza, it may no longer holds the title, however it remains the smallest in the Philippines.

Entrance fee: None

3:15 PM Jordan port, 
ate batchoy, 
then we’re back to the city.

I really thought we could atleast explore half of the island but maybe next time. I swear I’ll come back!
PS: Make sure to buy Mangoes! Okay???!! 

So that ends our journey in Ilo-Ilo. How about you? What's your story?

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