Thursday, March 10, 2016

I am never going back to Pagsanjan Falls A.K.A Cavinti Falls

This was one of the unplanned trips that my family made since my Aunt and Uncle arrived from the US and wanted to explore a nice place near metro on a day trip. It took us not more than 3 hours before we finally arrived to our destination. Pagsanjan Falls also known as Cavinti Falls was one of my childhood dream places, thinking about going there gives me chills because I always wanted to see it in person ever since I learned about it during elementary days.
Seeing the Pagsanjan arch really made us excited which lead to an unexpected turn because we were approached by swarm of boatmen offering tour to the falls. We were directed to a jump off point named Afuang Bonanza.
Rate: PHP 1350 (All Ages)
Picnic Area: PHP 500 (All ages)
We were briefed by one of the staff on what to expect and how long will be our trip. 
At the beginning they tied the paddle boats all together while being pulled by a motorized boat then when we arrived at the picnic area, our boatmen started to paddle. 
We stop by the picnic area then ate our late lunch.

Table rent: PHP 500
After lunch our journey continued, it was 2 hours or nonstop paddle when we reached the falls.
There’s so many people riding the bamboo raft and taking photos. 

We rode the bamboo raft twice, the current is so strong as well as the overflowing water from the falls. We totally enjoyed our back massage! It was a fail though since we positioned ourselves incorrectly on the raft that caused us sore calves! But overall it's fun! 
You know what made this trip super fun? because I was with this cute little kitty all along!

Our boatman was nice at first but he showed his true color when we started to enjoy our visit the most. Seriously? We haven’t been there for 30 minutes yet! They kept on bugging us to go back. He even lied and told us that they don’t have a share on the entrance fee that the tourists were paying which I find way too impossible. My Aunt gave them PHP 50 each as tip but they asked for more! This is so ridiculous! We are forced to give tips. I couldn’t bear it anymore that’s why the moment of our arrival at the drop off point, I spoke to the management right away and requested to teach their boatmen to be nice to tourists and not to force someone for tips. As far as I could remember it is not required.  It was indeed a bad experience for me and my family. If the local government will not take action, the tourism of this place will die, not that it’s ugly but it was poorly managed.
I don’t want to end this post with too much negativity but if you still look forward to visit this amazing place; which I recommend you should. You can consider the alternate route to enjoy Pagsanjan without spending a lot, you can check out Pueblo El Salvador Nature Park and Picnic Groove Take note that you need to be physically ready if you opted to go to this direction.

PS: one of the cleanest falls and river I've been, didn't see any trash. It's indeed one of laguna's pride.

Maybe I was so consumed by my emotions while I was writing this. I am not telling everyone to boycott the place. I am encouraging you all to explore and know our motherland by heart just make sure to always travel smart. :) 

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  1. hello? where did you find the kitty? how's the kitty now?
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