Monday, February 29, 2016

Family Time - Ilo-Ilo bound and Estancia town

Day 1: February 11

2:30 PM We arrived at NAIA Terminal 3, what's nice is upon entering the airport road they already created a special lane for vehicles going to NAIA 3. No need to worry about missing your flight due to traffic. It was a relief on our part because we departed the house at 2PM and our flight is 4:00 PM.

Their online kiosk isn't taking our flight detail that’s why we are forced to go to the check-in counter.

3:15 PM We are already at the gate, I noticed that the airport security is a lot tighter now that caused the queue longer than usual.

Passengers were everywhere; some were patiently waiting for their respective flights while some are agitated. The volume of the people here today is quite higher compared to the last time we traveled and because of that we had to use the floor. I just couldn't understand why some people are too insensitive by letting their baggage occupy the chair while others are on the floor. I don't want to dwell on it and start this post with a rant that's why I will stop now. Smile. :)

Flight was delayed as usual, well, no longer big news to me. All I wanted is to arrive safely to my destination.

Flight was bumpy, there we thick clouds but luckily I was still able to take a glimpse of the land. 

It's so magnificent to see it on a different perspective and all I could utter is "DAMN! God must really love us, He let us live on this perfectly designed world." It's just sad that we always find a way to fuck it so bad in every way possible.

6:00 PM touch down Ilo-Ilo
7:00 PM Father's hometown in Dingle

Catch up with Family


I am happy to be back again, I spent half of my childhood years in this place and it will always be a part of me.

Day 2: February 12
(Estancia bound)

8:10 AM We head to Ilo-Ilo city, We are actually planning to go to Estancia early but apparently my other aunt is at the city as well that's why we decided to wait for her until lunch so we all could go to estancia together. While waiting for her we used our time to explore some famous landmarks in the City. Our first stop was Museo De Ilo-Ilo, just few meters away from Gaisano.

Entrance Fee: PHP 50.00 (Adult) / PHP 20.00 (Student)

Second stop was at Esplanade

 Would you imagine that we walked the 1.2 kilometer stretch of pavement under the hot sun? It was exhausting but I would recommend visiting this place at night since it does have restaurants along the way.
Done with our small tour, we head back to Gaisano and ate the famous batchoy at Ted's. It's really mouthwatering because you will taste how authentic it is.
I somewhat missed my province life.
12:00 NN We are already at the Ceres terminal in Jaro, we rode a bus bound to estancia and Balasan.

Fare: PHP 150.00

3:30 PM Touch down estancia. We finally arrived to my Aunt's house. Chill, catch up with family.

Around 5:00 PM we went to the town and Visit one of the resorts in town. Pa-on beach resort, we paid PHP 100.00 for the entrance fee.We explored their mini zoo and walked around the beach front.

After our mini tour we head to the public market and bought food for the island hopping trip the following day.

We ended our day at Del rock’s restaurant located along the highway, ordered calamari, buttered chicken and shrimp. Their food is really great, the price is affordable.

Watch our adventure here
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