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The Island Born of FIRE - Camiguin

Day 4 - December 14 2015 (Monday) - Just turned 25!! :)
1:00 AM Check out to Amarea travel lodge
Rode a motorella going to Agora terminal
FARE: PHP 10.00
Terminal Fee: PHP 3.00
At first we hopped on a non-air conditioned bus bound for Butuan because the AC is already full but when we were about to pay our fare the conductor told us to transfer to the Air-conditioned one since it’s faster. It’s kind of odd because in manila the regular buses are faster, I even call it killer bus or roller coaster bus.
FARE: PHP 148.00

2:40 AM Off to Balingoan Port,
4:30 AM After almost 2 hours of head banging we finally arrived to our destination, If you will be traveling alone please make sure that you will inform the conductor that you will need to drop off to Balingoan bus terminal because the bus will stop over there but in case you missed it, you’ll find yourself in Butuan.

We rode a motorella to bring us to the port which is located across the highway. You can walk too if you want it’s just few meters away anyway.
FARE: PHP 10.00

6:00 AM Off to Camiguin
FARE: PHP 170.00
Environmental Fee: PHP 15.00
7:15 AM Touch down Benoni Port (Camiguin)

A man from the ferry approached us if we wanted to rent a motorbike, we told him that we wanted a scooter type and luckily he found one.
RENT: PHP 500 (24 hours) additional PHP 50.00 for succeeding hours.
We went ahead to GV hotel and checked in; their rate is really low for an air conditioned room with TV. We rested for a little bit then at 9:15 AM we decided to take our breakfast.

We went to Viola’s snack bar. I ordered Spaghetti and Chocolate cake while my partner decided to have burger.
9:30 AM on the roll,
Sunken Cemetery
Old church ruins

Sto. Nino Cold spring

Tuasan falls

Bura Soda spring – unfortunately it’s closed.
Walkway to the old volcano – We only made it until the 9th station, we don’t know how it felt on the top because the stations is 14. We were both tired so we decided to go down.
It was fun because we were talking about what we'll do if the volcano erupts. 

2:00 PM Off to white beach had to pay PHP 450.00 for the pumpboat and PHP 20.00 for the user’s fee.
2:15 PM White beach, you can actually see the white beach from the terminal. The island itself is already alluring from afar and man! I was so mesmerized; the moment I felt the white sand and clear waters on my feet it makes my heart so happy. This place is amazing. We stayed for half an hour basking in the sun since it doesn’t have any shade there but hell yeah, who cares this place it so lovely!

3:00 PM back to the mainland and had our late lunch/early dinner at Rocky’s famous check point.

Day 5 - December 15 2015 (Tuesday) - Leaving a paradise

6:40 AM Back on the road now.
8:30 AM Arrived at Kibila Giant Clam Sanctuary
To be honest it is still heart-melting to know the some locals were concerned to the welfare of the marine life. Giant clams were properly taken cared off.This place also helps raise awareness to the tourists about clams and other animals. I would really recommend this place to visit because all your donations/entrances will proceed to the projects for the animals on this sanctuary specifically to the clams.

It was my first time to see a real live giant clam in person and they must be really majestic in the wild.

9:30 AM Arrived at Mantigue pump boat terminal

FARE: PHP 550.00
9:40 AM off to Mantigue Island
9:55 AM Arrived at Mantigue Island

We are in a rush that's why we just wander around the rain forest and head back to the boat. This place reminds me of Balicasag Island in Bohol where in you have to pay on all the activities that you plan to do. 

11:00 AM back to the GV hotel, prepared to leave.

12:00 NN Arrived at Benoni Port
Returned the motorcycle and paid for the additional fee PHP 250.00

I am a bit sad because we didn’t able to visit the Katibawasan Falls and Ardent hot springs.

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM arrived at CDO, traffic is also bad in that city that’s why we decided to check in at Win Min Inn which is situated inside the terminal. They also offer per hour basis (but should be minimum of 3 hours but not more than 12 hours)
Their room isn't that really bad, wifi is strong and the room is clean.

We supposed to be eating dinner at High Ridge but unfortunately it rained really hard, looks like we could also feel the wrath of Typhoon Nona even if its center is in Visayas. Good thing Jollibee saved the day; we ate our dinner and went back to the hotel to rest since we have to leave early tomorrow for our morning flight back to manila. I am still not ready; I guess every time I go to a trip going back to my old grind is the hardest part. I don’t want to go back, makes me want to think that I don’t see my future working my ass off, kissing my Boss ass doing things repeatedly, living a monotonous life.

This is trip was a breakthrough, we conquered Mindanao and was able to get back in one piece, It doesn’t really that bad, maybe people just gave it a bad impression thru word of mouth. I am looking forward to explore more of Mindanao in the future.

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