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Adrenaline filled day in CDO and DAHILAYAN Adventure Park

Day 2 - December 12 2015 (Saturday) – Adrenaline rush awesome day!
I remember, one of my friend recommended to try the zipline in Bukidnon, I researched about it and found out that this was one of Bukidnon's pride - Dahilayan Adventure park, Asia's longest dual zipline; who wouldn't want to try that? I added it right away to my bucket list together with the CDO’s White water rafting. I continued my research and found a very affordable Raft and All Zip package from Great white water tour that’s why I reserved a slot for two; they merged us to other group since there are a minimum people needed for the rafting. Package rate is PHP 1699.00/pax which includes round trip hotel transfers, snack at Dahilayan Adventure Park and Lunch which isn’t really that bad at all.

5:30 AM the Van driver picked us up. He shared that he is offering other tours/trips in Mindanao. I must say that his rate is quite affordable and I guess you can save more if you’re travelling on a group and will contact him directly than avail a package tour thru travel agencies. If interested kindly refer to his information below:

Driver: Jo Layo
Contact No.: 0906 178 9423

6:15 AM Off to Dahilayan Adventure Park. Drive thru at Jollibee

SNACK: PHP 172.00.

The uphill long and winding roads are well paved, the overlooking view of the city is rewarding. We were literally on top of the mountain; I could feel it on my ears as we change altitude.  

7:30 AM Arrived at Dahilayan Adventure Park. The park is situated at Camp Phillips Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon; where the Del Monte Pineapple Plantation is also located. The camp’s vibe is like Baguio, there were lots of pine trees, and the breeze is cold. Aside from pineapple plantation they have cornfields too. 

8:30 AM paid PHP 1048.00 (deducted to PHP 1699.00/pax).

After payment we went ahead to the harness area and prepared ourselves for the 840M longest dual zip line. 
We had to ride a shuttle for us to go to the drop zone. If you will avail the all zip package I would suggest that you take the longest first, why? simple. do not prolong your agony, once you did it, the other 2 zips will just be a piece of cake plus the drop zone for the 840M is on a different location.
You know what? I proved that your knees really tend to go jelly when you're scared but trust me this must be added to your bucket list! why? because it feels good to be up there, from the top you will see part of their forest park's attractions like the hanging bridge,the race track. You could also feel the cold nature breeze, damn it's so relaxing. 
It’s really nice up there and I hope that ride didn’t end but of course that’s way too impossible. The ride lasted for almost a minute, makes me go dizzy and euphoric, I would love to do it again. 
After the ride we immediately went to the photo booth and checked our faces, HELL YEAH! We wanted to keep a souvenir! We paid PHP 100.00/pax for a 4R photo with caption and certificate. 
After the longest ride – we road 2 more zip but these were just baby zip line (320 and 150 meters). It was fun-adrenaline filled day but we’re not done yet, this is just the start. The park offers so many rides and packages that you could choose depending on how extreme you think you are.

Dahilayan forest and Hahilayan adventure park are both the same, it just happen that they have separated entrances. You can find most of the extreme attractions in the adventure park while the Forrest park offers ATV, hanging bridge and picnic ground. You may visit their site for complete list of activities.

10:40 AM back to CDO for the white water rafting activity.
12:30 PM Arrived at Great white water tour office to eat our lunch (which is included on the package). We also paid our remaining balance of PHP 2350.00.
After lunch we head to the drop zone and started our orientation. By the way the start point in around 20 minutes away from the great white’s office. 
The package I chose is for beginners with a distance of around 12 kilometers with 14 wild rapids. I’ve learned from our guide that there were only 6 companies that offer rafting packages and Great white water has the lowest price. Our trip lasted for 3-4 hours (can’t recall anymore) but according to our guide it depends on the water condition, if the current is strong then it will be shorter.

PHP 100.00 Tip to our guides

PS: Only Great white water tours offer snacks while rafting, which is funny because we were all in a rush eating our Malunggay Pastel because we don’t want to eat it while approaching rapids.
5:30 PM done with the day, back at the office then at 6:00 PM we’re back at the hotel.

PHP 300.00 dinner and other utilities.

We were supposed to be leaving at 1:00 AM or 2:00 AM the next day but my partner became sick that’s why we had to slow down and make sure he's okay before we head for another adventure.

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