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Experiencing La Union Waves: Elyu surf Clinic by The Surf Institute

October 11, 2015
It was early August when I saw Carla Zamora’s post on her Facebook about the Elyu surf clinic powered by The Surf Institute. The thought about me participating on such event gives me chills. It is indeed a huge step for me, Uhm, Honestly, I could no longer recall how many times I doubted myself before but I chose to register and pay the fee. 
Days fast approaching, my hearts keeps on skipping a bit, and I’m scared because I don’t want to experience the wrath of La union waves.

The day has finally arrived, days of agony was about to end.

10/10/2015 10:15 PM We left manila via Partas bus line bound for Laoag. I told the bus conductor to drop us off to Sebay resort. Around 4:00 AM we safely arrived at San Juan, La Union. It was still dark, everyone was peacefully sleeping. We head straight to The circle hostel first but my partner is having second thoughts that’s why we had to come up with a contingency plan. Upon checking for other affordable hostels we stumbled upon Fat wave surf resort's website. I must say their rate is quite affordable that’s why we head to their location which is just across the street.
We waited for couple of minutes then the guard approached us. Rate is PHP 700 + PHP 500 early check in fee. Bath and shower is common. The room is small, you only get what you paid for but what hurts my heart is the early check in fee but since we have no choice we grabbed the offer.

When the sun risen I went to the beach and checked the wave condition, dang! It’s FLAT! I thought I’ll be able to experience the wrath of Elyu waves. 
Went back to our room and sit at the chair outside, chill with my mp3 on. Having me time makes me miss my home break, there’s really nothing like Baler. It’s just too different here. Maybe I am just being biased but I wanted to go back and ride its freshly baked waves from the pacific.
We ate our breakfast at San Juan surf resort; I was actually hoping Luke Landrigan is there! (Fan girl mode).
I ordered Danggit while MJ had beef tapa. Our breakfast costs PHP 330.

By 9:00 AM we are already at Elyu classic’s tent waiting for the event to start. 
The clinic is a collaboration between the Local boys and girls of Elyu classic and Carla Zamora together with her girls (Taylor Nelson, Sophia Sarlo and Rosie Jaffurs,).
That's my friend going to the nose!

Photo grabbed from Elyu Classic's album
Photo grabbed from Elyu Classic's album
I really learned a lot during this trip. I practiced cross stepping on a NOHO board! After the land lessons we cut all the crap and go to the real deal! This is the time where we can apply what we learned on the discussion earlier. I was conscious but thanks to the coaches and all of us was able to get our own waves, not once but countless times. By the way I rented the board for PHP 200/hour.
The event itself was a success and I am really happy to have these freebies from Lagu and Nani Wahini 

After the clinic we ate at Surf shack. We ordered Ilocano Pizza and Buffalo wings.
Best paired with Ranch Dip

It's a must to try their refreshing Mitos drink!
The lunch itself costs us PHP 662.00

2:30 PM Siesta. I would love surf but I’m too sleepy, my body lose the fight and it took me to deepest state of sleep. I woke up around 10:00 PM, no dinner. Since all of the restaurants were already closed, I decided to go back to sleep.
Woke up around 4:00 AM and prepared to leave.
By 6:00 AM we are already in Partas bus terminal San Fernando, La Union, according to the dispatcher the bus bound for manila will arrive between 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM. Since we still have time, we decided to eat our breakfast first because we were both dead hungry hehe.
Macho Temple :)
7:30 AM our bus arrived
2:30 PM Manila
Bus fare: PHP 436 from San Fernando La Union to Cubao

Few things I learned from the experts:

1. Always look on the nose, it will tell you your position on the board (Too much water on the nose means you're near it, less water means you're too near on the tail).
2. Don’t pump, sway left and right.
3. Use your booty when turning, it works especially for girls!
4. Trust yourself and your board
5. Act as if you’re on control, Be confident
6. Surf like you don’t have a leash, Always be mindful of the people around you to avoid injury to self and to others.
7. Check the situation first before going to the water, every swell is different.
8. Do not ever compare yourself to others except yourself.
9. One step at a time.
10.End your act nicely, kick and paddle back to the line up, fall off(no recommended if the spot is crowded) or hold the board and sit.
11. When do you start cross stepping?
A: It’s when the board is already on the top wall, tail is already on the curl, rail already has water (right rail if you’re goofy (back side), left rail if you’re regular (front side).
12.   When you started stepping, always leave your weight on half of your body to maintain the momentum (nose).
13. Look straight, don’t look down.
14. Use small movements.
15. Go with the flow, don’t fight it!
16. Once you’re on the wave, you have to finish it gracefully to avoid being caught inside
17. Choose your wave wisely
18. Bend knees, grab rails to gain stability
19. You should already know which direction to go before you start paddling (Left or right).


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