Sunday, September 27, 2015

The zigzag road of Caramoan

I'm struggling for days now, my brain isn't spitting thoughts and my body is not giving me the will to write. I'm on my lazy days, the day which I don't look forward to. Took me almost a month to regain my motivation that's why at this very moment I am writing about my Caramoan trip last month. I am hoping I'll be able to finish this before the lazy bug strikes again. 

Airports must be one of the saddest place on earth. It witness parents leaving their children in order to provide them a bright future. Families and lovers separated by distance not knowing when to see each other again. Despite of that I considered it the happiest place on earth because seeing a father reunited with his child is priceless. Families seeing each other again are something that money cannot buy. That kind of scenario actually made my eyes watery.

DAY 1:
At exactly 12:20 AM We departed NAIA terminal 3, I had to meet up with me group because they came from Ilo-Ilo City. The traffic jam that night is really ridiculous! because there is an ongoing protest in EDSA but as soon as we reach the sky-way the traffic became light. The moon is stunning that midnight. When I was little I thought it follows me. I was able to take a nap.

10:00 AM we arrived at NAGA proper.
We opted to travel by land since the last boat in Sabang port will be leaving at 11:00 AM
The road to Caramoan is an endless zigzag; I honestly thought it would take us forever.
I’m just glad the shoreline and the mountains feeds my eyes and it helps me divert my attention as I am already feeling sick.

It must be really precious because our creator kept in on a very secluded location
1:40 PM touch down Rex Tourist Inn, Bikal Caramoan. 

We ate our late lunch then rest for a moment. It was actually my first time eat a huge prawn, I almost choke!

3:00 PM Island hop
Seeing the waves crashing over waves calms me. Oh! I miss surfing. The back of the resort do have a pathway to the river so we started cruising the calm water of Bicol sea.

1st island – First island was with passageway going to another beach. Looks like a twin beach.

I climbed on a rock to have a better view of the island and to be honest was very beautiful.

Of course we would not miss a group jump shot

2nd island – We had coconut juice straight from the shell, the vendors collect the used plastic straws and maintain the island clean. You may climb on the rocks to have a better look of the sea and islands.

3rd island – did not stop due to the tide is high

5:30 PM headed back to resort

Sleep, I missed dinner.

Day 2:
7:00 AM had our breakfast
7:30 AM off to island hopping
River cruise until the fresh water meets salt water

4th island – white powdery sand, with cottage, bigger than the first 3, we stayed for only 15 minutes because we have to make sure tide will remain high or else were stuck.

5th almost low tide when we reached this island – this is my most favorite. Clear clean calm shallow water, no cottages, untouched.

11:00 AM lunch on a floating cottage somewhere in the ocean
Our boatman and tourist guide prepared Pinangat/laing, adobong pusit and fried pork.

12:00 NN off to Next Island
6th is not an island – but we snorkeled, enjoyed the rich underwater life of Caramoan sea.

7th we had to walk to a mud like sand since it’s already low tide, we conquered the 250 steps and had the overlooking view of Caramoan as the prize.
Being at the sea helps me clear my mind.

5:00 PM back to resort
Free time
I noticed that the electricity is fluctuating but they have their own generator.
In case you wanted to consider staying at Rex tourist Inn, here's a sneak peek of their facilities. 

DAY 3:
9:00 AM off to San Jose via bus since our van left yesterday and will meet us up in San Jose. There were couple of buses traveling from Caramoan to Naga and vise versa but I would highly suggest travelling via Sea.

12:00 NN San Jose

1:30 PM Had our lunch at SM city Naga

12:00 AM Manila

I purposely did not include the names of the islands because aside from it’s hard to remember, this place is so beautiful and it simply deserves an effort. So you better start researching. 

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