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Discovering Bantayan Island - Day 3 to Day 4 - On wheels to farewell

Cebu story from day 3 - Exploring the Island on Wheels
Day 3 (June 14)

6:00 AM Rise and shine! The sun is up when I woke up I really thought that it's 8:00 AM already! It's our last and final day so We must make the most out of it. I am not ready to leave. Not yet.

Be right back!

7:00 AM Time for breakfast. He had american and coffee while I had corned beef with egg paired with orange juice.

We left the park around 8:00 AM. Our first destination was the Kuta Fort in Lawis, Madredejos. 

Took us around 20-25 minutes to reach our destination, roughly 8 kilometers away from the park. The trip was exhausting because the sun has risen majestically, kissing our skin by its burning rays. We got lost but we found the place because of the helpful locals of the town. I really liked the bay walk and they are right this is perfect to visit especially on sun down but since we are only by motorbike we don't want to travel at night because there were no road lights and we still have to return the motorbike in Sta Fe. We just explored the place even the sun is burning and went up to the 3 floor building at the end of the boardwalk.

We're off to Bantayan town proper, actually there's nothing much to explore in Bantayan except the super old church built in 1850 so we visited it again to see it for the last time. The dramatic final glimpse. I asked the locals what else to see in town but they couldn't give me any. 

Along the way I noticed that there were so many poultry farms here, that's probably the reason why this Island was called the egg basket of Cebu.

Last destination was Sta Fe, We no longer know were to go but my partner made an unexpected turn that lead us to I guess the most beautiful beach I've seen so far, the fine white sand and the clear water is calling me so even though I am wearing shoes I immediately removed it and took a dip without any second thoughts. 

I persuaded my love to join me, then he asked me to go back to the park to change and get my snorkeling gear. 

As we return, we parked our motorbike in Kota beach where we had our sumptuous lunch.

We ordered:

Steamed shrimp, Grilled Chicken

Pineapple shake 
Bottled Soda  and last but not the least 2 steamed rice 

After we ate our lunch we went to the shore but it's no longer fun because the tide is low and the water is not as clear as earlier. The rain started to pour when we decided to return the motorcycle and rent a habal habal to bring us at the park. 

3:00 PM We're done.

We're able to use the pool without any distractions

Skipped dinner - Again

Fell asleep

Cebu story from day 4 - Leaving Bantayan Island and catching up with Family
Day 4 (June 15)

We missed our dinner last night, we were really tired that's why we fell asleep early. 
I woke up around 5:00 AM. The sun is smiling at us. We'll be leaving this paradise in few hours. My heart is not yet ready to leave but I know it's time to search for another place to explore. This is the most saddest feeling I get every time I leave a certain place, leaving a piece of my heart and forever be broken. 

Last breakfast was continental for both of us - Ham, hotdog and fried rice.

Until we meet again. 

We were drop off to Sta Fe ferry, We chose the Super shuttle ferry again and it left around 10:50 AM. This was probably the cleanest port I've seen so far. 

12:00 NN We arrived at Hagnaya port, We rode a non airconditioned bus bound to Cebu City. 

3:00 PM We arrived at Mandaue proper and we were stuck in traffic again, felt like we were in manila, it's humid and there's so many vehicles. Traffic is Cebu City is really crazy especially during rush hour.

4:00 PM we finally arrived to our destination. 

We no longer had a chance to explore Cebu city because we were so wasted already, I just visited my relatives  in Mandaue to catch up, ate Cebu's famous lechon baboy and called it a day.

The Next way we had to work up earlier because our flight is 7:00 AM (June 16)

Ending this post with our NO SLEEP POSE :)
End of tour
Watch our trip here

*Expenses will be posted on a separate post.

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