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Discovering Bantayan Island - Day 2 - By boat and wheels

Cebu story from day 2 - By boat and wheels

Day 2 (June 13)
According to the owner of our resort Virgin Island really came from the foreigners because during the old times it is indeed virgin. Powdery white sand, untouched with no mark of civilization.
Since we fell asleep early last night we woke up around 4:00 in the morning. We were actually waiting for the sun to rise. At 4:58 AM I went out and head to the cliff deck.  Glad the sun showed up because it was a little cloudy that morning. 

There's really something about the sunrise that fills my heart with joy. I would say it was indeed my most favorite part of the day.

I am so thankful that after all I still get to see the sun and have a chance to do things that could affect someone's life. It's a great day to start the day right.

By 6:00 AM We went to the Captain's bar and restaurant to grab our breakfast. 

You may enjoy playing pool while waiting for your food. PS: It's free of charge.
I had Bacon and egg while my love ordered continental breakfast (Egg, Ham, Hotdog).

You can also stay connected to all you social media accounts because they do have strong wifi connection at the Captain's Bar as well as TV cable

Before 7:00 AM Kuya Almario (our tourguide/boatman/Kuya Ronnie's cousin) arrived. 
At exactly 7:00 AM We board the boat and head to the first island which is the Hilantagaan Island. We didn't dock on the island, We only snorkeled near the shore. The water is crystal clear, I could see the corals and fishes swimming freely, Undisturbed. 

After few minutes of swimming with fishes we decided to go to the next and last Island.

A very important reminder. Make sure to be more responsible on trash disposal.
The moment the boat dock on the shore a staff from the Island approached and escorted us to the information booth to pay our entrance. We paid PHP 500 for 2. 

We enjoyed snorkeling on the area because there's so many fishes! plus the water is clear and the sand is so white.

9:15 AM We head back to the resort
9:35 AM Touch down resort then change.

By 11:40 AM We are already off to Sta Fe via Habal Habal. One of the staff contacted a driver to take us to our destination.

12:05 PM Touch down Sta Fe public market, rented a scooter. We rented it for two days.
12:10 PM Head to Ogtong cave. 
12:40 PM Arrived at Ogtong cave, We got lost! that's why took us a while before we arrived to our destination. lol (It was actually my fault because I am the navigator haha)
Upon entering you have to pay the entrance fee even if you are only dining to their restaurant. For lunch we ordered pork adobo, rice topped with chicken fillet, then chocolate shake. There's nothing special on what we ate but it's affordable.
After lunch, We headed to the beach area and enjoyed the view.
I didn't go inside the cave because there were lot's of people and I noticed that the natural formation of the cave is no longer there. 
We left the Ogtong resort then we head to Bantayan public market to visit the Old Bantayan church.

3:00 PM Back to resort
4:00 PM Swimming - Who would actually say no to this?
Fish spa 
 For dinner we ate 
Garlic Chicken, 2 Plain rice paired with cold Soda.

End of day 2

*Expenses will be posted on a separate post.

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  1. June is ok to visit Bantayan? I want to have more privacy that's why I want to schedule it before or after Holy Week but I'm having doubts because of the rainy season.. TiA

    1. Hi there! We visited the island last june.. And it didn't rain that much.. Of course if you will be travelling during the rainy season alway expect unplanned things to happen like cancelled flights

  2. Thank you. March and April are the prolly the busiest months, June I wanna say is the start of rainy season? So May perhaps.. :)

    1. Good luck to you dear! Safety should always be your priority;)


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