Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sykes cares for furfriends too | Sykes Board Riders Club Project (Second Quarter)

Being the POC of Sykes Board Riders Club is not a piece of cake. As a first timer I had to undergo adjustments, countless brain storm with myself and come up with activities for the whole year. In order for us to be eligible for this year we have to roll out our first activity before June 30. Our first activity was supposed to be an outreach program at PARC (Philippine Animal Rehabilitation Center) or PAWS but since their schedule for June is already fully booked I just ask our company(Sykes Asia Inc.) to help us provide in kind donations to the center. 
As an animal lover I grabbed the opportunity to help them in my own little way. I am so stoked seeing the donations that will be given to the shelter. 

When we arrived at the center we immediately gave the donations to the staff. 

I am glad to announce that we were able to donate the following:

*Two sacks of dry food for Dogs
*Two sacks of dry food for Cats
*20 pieces canned foods for Dogs
*28 pieces canned foods for Cats

We signed their log book and had a brief tour at the center. Seeing these neglected souls tore my heart into thousand pieces. I could no longer remember how many where abandoned by their previous family, a house that once they called home. I couldn't bear seeing them like that. If I could only do something about it, If i could only help each one of them but I can't. 

A simple reminder please, We may have so many pets in our lives but they only got us in theirs. So before you buy that cute puppy/kitty you saw at the mall, I want you to think, think thoroughly and imagine the future living with them. I want you to consider these what ifs; What if that cute little puppy/kitty aged and the cuteness is no longer traceable, What if I decided to have a baby in the future, What if time will come that I will no longer be able to shoulder his food/medicine. Before you buy that pet as gift, think of all the homeless pets that have the same story but ended in a pound kennels. Bought, once loved, neglected, thrown away. Such a tragedy. 

I posted this blog for everyone's awareness, I wanted everyone to know what is the current condition of the pets in the shelter. They are all thirsty for love. They need us, They need a real home, a home that could give them the comfort they need and security.
Caring is not just about being nice to another human being but also to all living creatures because we share the world with them. 

Are you willing to be a PAWS volunteer just like Krista? kindly see this link 

Wanted to adopt a pet and give him a forever home? Kindly click here

For more information kindly go toPAWS website


Meet Krista - PAWS Volunteer :)

Post activity report by: Ma. Angelica Gallego

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