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Exploring North Cebu | Sample itinerary

Booked our Cebu flight last November 28 2014, when i saw an online ad about Cebupacific air offering piso fare I immediately grabbed my laptop and booked a flight bound to cebu. The main reason why i wanted to go to cebu is because I wanted to see the whale sharks again, my first encounter with them was summer of 2014 in Baler but it was short unplanned encounter that's why I've decided to visit them in Oslob Cebu. Upon further research about the place, I discovered that swimming with whalesharks in Oslob is discouraged by some environmental groups because it affects the ecosystem and putting the whalesharks at risk. They tend to stay in oslob for good because they became dependent to the feeders (tourists and boatmen).
Total roundtrip airfare for two is PHP: 3,607.28. not bad right? Now this is the hard part, creating the itinerary. As a traveler as much as possible i wanted to have personal touch on my travels because i wanted to create my own story, I don't want to be just like someone else, I want my story to be different, in that way i will be remembered. I don't want to just depend on travel packages. I also wanted to feel that I am still in control and most importantly I wanted to spend less on hotels
After so many sleepless nights i was finally able to finalize our itinerary!
Below is just a sample Itinerary with estimated expenses I made before our trip. And because I am so fickle minded I did some revisions during our trip itself. Detailed story about my trip will be posted soon. You may use below as a guide for the mean time..

Trip Goals 
Cebu City tour
The Sky Adventure Experience at the Crown Regency
Bantayan Island
Kawasan Falls and MoalBoal beach

Flight info:

Manila to Cebu
Flight No: 5J 569
11 June 2015, Thursday, 1600 H (04:00 PM)Ninoy Aquino International Airport T3
11 June 2015, Thursday, 1715 H (05:15 PM)Mactan-Cebu International Airport International Terminal

Cebu to Manila
Flight No: DG 7003
16 June 2015, Tuesday, 0825 H (08:25 AM)Mactan-Cebu International Airport International Terminal
16 June 2015, Tuesday, 0840 H (08:40 AM)Ninoy Aquino International Airport T4

Trip Itinerary
June 11 Thursday
11 June 2015, Thursday, 1600 H (04:00 PM)Ninoy Aquino International Airport T3
05:15 PM - ETA to Cebu airport
Goals: Check in, Then Sky Adventure Experience at the Crown Regency, Dinner, Rest

June 12 Friday - BANTAYAN island bound

As much as possible take the first trip so you could arrive at Sta Fe port early.

From the port you can take a multicab or tricycle going around sta.fe or bantayan for 25php/head or hire a habal habal (single motor) which usually costs 25/head for two passengers only.

Travel duration: 4-5 hours land and 1 - 1.5 hours boat

- Check in at Bantayan Island nature park and resort
- Bantayan town tour / Biking (Madridejos(Lawis) , Bantayan, Sta Fe

June 13 Saturday - Bantayan Island hop / Caving
Ride boat to Virgin island and Silion island or Hilantagaan island

June 14 Sunday -  Cebu bound / Cebu city tour 

June 15 Monday - Kawasan falls / Moalboal
Kawasan Falls - 3-4 hours land
*Moalboal - Beach bum at Panagsama Beach and Basdaku


June 14 Sunday -  Explore Bantayan Island on wheels
Bantayan town tour / Biking (Madridejos(Lawis) , Bantayan, Sta Fe

June 15 Monday - Cebu bound / Cebu city tour

June 16 Tuesday - MANILA bound
16 June 2015, Tuesday, 0825 H (08:25 AM)Mactan-Cebu International Airport International Terminal

Estimated expenses: (Food not included)
Bus to Hagnaya wharf: 165 x 2 = 330 = 660 round trip
Ferry ride: 170 + 20 terminal fee x 2 = 380 = 760 round trip
Bantayan Island nature park and resort: 3000/3nights 
Boat rental: 900 - 1700 = 1700 ( depending on the number of passengers)
Bike: 200 per day x 2 = 400/day = 800/2days

Total: PHP 6540.00 / 2 
= PHP 3270.00/pax

Watch our trip here

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