Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Discovering Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort

Bantayan Island Nature Park & Resort is an 8-hectare wonderland located in Tami-ao, Bantayan Island, North of Cebu province, Philippines.

I discovered this hidden paradise when I was researching places to stay in Bantayan Island. I got easily attracted by its amenities that's why I entrusted our 4 days and 3 nights vacation here. 
It was Friday morning when we arrived at Sta Fe port. Since we are still undecided if we'll gonna rent a bike or not I called the resort if they could send someone to pick us up at the port. We had to travel more or less 8 kilometers to finally reach our destination. 
Of course it's just another surprise call

The location of the resort is technically in the middle because it is more or less 8 kilometers away from Sta Fe, Bantayan town proper and Madridejos.

If you're looking for a peace of mind this is the perfect place for you because the park is situated on a very secluded location. This isn't just a regular resort because from the name itself it does have a park on it. I listed the things you could try during your visit either an overnight trip or just a day tour.
Yay! We finally arrived! 

Into the nature we go
Captain's resto bar
You may enjoy your beer while playing billiards at the bar with friends. If you also wanted to stay connected to your online life this is a superb spot because the WiFi is absolutely free.
Don't worry you'll never get lost

"Let's play pool while waiting for our meal"

Don't forget to say Hi to Garry the alligator gar at the bar for me please? 

Mini zoo
If you wanted to do some nature tripping you could spend your time at the mini zoo and bond with the animals. Here I met Emo a long tailed macaque monkey that sometimes could be naughty too so please beware. 
I told him smile so he smiled at me!

You will also enjoy seeing different type of birds at the aviary section.

My favorite was mimicking the Brahminy kite because they keep on responding to me! haha. 

 The park also offers pony back riding.

Sto Nino Cave
I didn't had a chance to take a dip at the cave because I was scared of the unknown blame it to my huge imagination. The cave is equipped with lights inside and it is open until 10:00 PM. 

Please exercise extra precaution before entering the cave, make sure to follow the rules posted above

There is no life guard on duty outside the cave, enter at your own risk. If you wish to be accompanied by a staff feel free to do so.

Infinity pool
This was my favorite, right after a very tiring tour outside the park before we go to our room we made sure that we spend at least and hour or two at the pool enjoying the view of the ocean as the sun goes down. It's surprisingly warm that makes you stay longer, no need to deal with purple lips. I believe this was the biggest pool in the island.
A friendly reminder before swimming

An overlooking view of Bantayan Island bay

Thumbs up!

A day before we leave the place we had a chance to enjoy the pool without any distractions. Just the two of us enjoying the deep warm water and the mesmerizing view.

Fish spa
Another YAY! was the fish spa, you can relax and have a nice chat with your love ones while the tiny fishes is busy doing the work on the dry skin of your feet.

Wellness spa
Reward yourself and get a full body massage at their spa after a long day of exploring Bantayan Island.

Awesome sunrise, sea and Island view at the cliff deck
I've always been a fan of Mr. Sun, I love witnessing as he ascend from the horizon magnificently. If you wanted to see it yourself the cliff deck is the right location for you. You will also adore the sea view and the alluring virgin island on the side.

On our first night we stayed at their standard cottage with partial sea view

The following day we were upgraded to the superior sea view cottage (For FREE!!)
because we had a chance to meet the resort owner who happens to be the president of the resort owners association on the island. 

I discovered that the resort promotes Eco tourism by being the father and the head dreamer of its non government organization called "Damgo sa Kaugmaon" which means dream for the future that benefits the locals by involving them on tourism without obliterating any natural resources and most importantly guiding them to build a better future not just for themselves but also to the next generation.He also shared touching stories of perseverance after it was hit by super typhoon "Haiyan or Yolanda". I will tell you more about it on a separate post.
 A photo with Sir Allan Monreal(Head dreamer) before leaving the resort

Too bad i was not able to explore their site but I would really love to go back there see what else it could offer.

I hope you enjoyed our little tour.

For more information about the place kindly visit their sites below:
Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort website

Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort Facebook page

Watch our trip here

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