Thursday, May 28, 2015


One of Zambales' hidden gem
After a memorable experience in Anawangin, Next morning we went straight to Capones Island, a small island near Anawangin. This is a side trip offered by our boatman, since we still got time grabbed his offer.
The sun is really burning but that doesn't stop us from exploring what the island offers.
After a long walk to the shore we finally reached the spot where we start to climb. I could no longer remember how long the trek was but one thing is for sure, it was a sweaty walk.
The beach is made of rock formations and combination of big and small pebbles.
You just the to be extra careful because the rocks are slippery but the water is crystal clear. Too bad we didn't had a chance to experience it and take a dip.
The moment we arrived at the light house the view was stunning. It feels like we are already at the edge of the earth. The ocean was so blue, the trees are green. Our world is indeed magnificent. I am so lucky to be able to witness its beauty. 
If given a chance, I will surely go back to this place. I am hoping people will continue preserve its beauty, that the future generation will get to enjoy it too. Let us be a responsible traveler by keeping our trash to where it belongs, That small deed will have a big impact to the environment especially if practiced religiously. The sad part about the trip was i noticed human waste at the shoreline. Let us set as an example to the youth and teach them to do the right thing.

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