Tuesday, May 19, 2015


After few trips with these amazing people, here we are again on a secluded cove in Zambales. Far from stress, nothing but good vibes. As far as i could remember this happened almost 4 years ago, it was one of the unplanned trip i had when i started working.
November of year 2011 on a beautiful Saturday morning, right after shift we hop a bus going to San Antonio Zambales. Main purpose of the trip is to spend our Saturday night on a certain resort for the team to bond in other words "Team Building". The resort I'm talking about is Jim's Place located at San Antonio Zambales unfortunately i could no longer see them on google and I am not sure if the business is still running. By the way since this happened a long long long time ago i will not be able to give you a detailed information about the trip. Don't get disappointed because i don't want to waste your effort and time that's why i came up with a brilliant idea, How about I'll share some memorable pictures of our trip so you'll know what to expect if you're planning to visit the place soon. Bear in mind that photos are taken very long time ago please be open for changes.

Our journey started at Victory Liner, Taft Pasay City. We had to wait for couple of minutes that's why we had chance to take photos.
After couple of hours on the road, we finally stop for bladder break. As far as i could remember this was somewhere along Olongapo city
We arrived to our destination near dusk that's why we started preparing our dinner, sing our heart out on the videoke we rented, had alcoholic drinks then rest.
Next morning, we woke up early and spend a little time at the beach. The water is clean, I didn't spot any trash on the water. 
Right after the morning dip, we prepare ourselves for our next destination, which is the main reason why we were in Zambales in the first place. 
We rented a boat at the beach front.
Yay! After almost an hour of beautiful landscape we finally arrived. I was stunned, it was really beautiful, maybe because it's my first time to visit a nice beach like this. The water is clear and calm, though it looks black because of the sand. The place is so serene which is a good place to clear your mind from stress for a moment and enjoy what's in front of you. 

It's still hot when we arrived good thing we are covered by tall pine trees that protects us from the sun's burning heat.
We set up our tents and had a nice chat under the trees which also includes endless selfwes (Plural for selfie lol)
When the sun start to set we head to the beach and took bunch of photos to make sure a moment like that will be documented.

"ME" time
Decided to soak myself in the warm water of Anawangin

When the sun is down it's time to prepare the dinner.
Next morning we explored the woods and fresh water at the back. The water is so pristine and the early morning breeze is cold. I won't really mind spending another day on this place but we have to go back to reality. No work, No chance to explore places like this. 
May last shot before we leave the place.
NEXT stop: Capones Island


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