Friday, May 8, 2015

ALL ABOUT TATTOOS | How i start to becomealife-size canvass

As an impulsive person I planned to have my first tattoo (without even thinking twice) on my nape. I coveted Rihanna's star tattoo that's why my first tattoo was stars too, since it is my first time I asked my artist to put only 6 because i am afraid that i might not be able to endure the pain. During our session i learned that having a tattoo isn't really that bad because what i felt was a combination of pain and tickle. After several months i just found myself having my second tattoo. Totoo pala yun, once you're in, you'll get addicted to the process of being inked.
Rihanna's tattoo - photo taken from Google
This time i asked my new found tattoo artist to add 8 more stars to make it 14 (my birthday) and add an Emo but true life statement script below it.
"Within this girl lies a different story"
Medyo madrama pero it's true, what you see isn't always what you get. Just like any other girls i have my personal issues and insecurities. I may look smart and tough sometimes but deep inside i am an imperfect human being with weaknesses. Don't get me wrong but being imperfect is totally normal, we commit mistakes and that's okay what's important is we learn from it and always look at the brighter side of every situation no matter how bad it may be. Life is easy when you face it with a big smile (Just don't do it on a creepy way.)

Pero hindi lang doon nagtapos ang journey ko to be a life size canvass instead this is just the beginning. My next tattoo was done by my colleague's artist but unfortunately it didn't turned out so well which led me to meet my new and last artist named Jay that eventually became a good friend of mine.
Visit his IG account on the link :) 
Why moon? Simply because the sky feels empty without the moon, Why cat? obviously i am a cat person and my cats are my universe.
Left:Old tattoo                                                        Right: Retouched
My next tattoo was handcrafted by Jay again.This time I wanted the sun with breaking waves inside painted on my right leg it since i enjoyed being under the sun and I am an amateur surfer.
This is one of my favorite because it sums up my life. Ako yung tipong ng tao na ayaw ng monotonous life, I always crave for thrill and adventure masaya ako kapag nararamdaman ko yun tinatawag na "adrenaline rush" buwis buhay pero extreme! I call it life with spice, uncertain but 100% not boring. That tattoo is my heart rate - from a normal rate it rapidly change to irregular beat every time i ride a wave.
Photo screen captured from #LIVETOFEEL video
This tattoo was inspired by the #LIVETOFEEL movement. You can read my story on this LINK
Photo screen captured from #LIVETOFEEL video
I looks like a simple tagline of my blog but it's not, its more like a reminder to me to live free, worry less and travel more especially when life seems to be tough. The script can only be read properly when i look on a mirror. 
Last but not the least (i doubt if this would be the last since i am still working on my next design), since i am a self proclaimed mermaid - i had it painted on my right arm. I also asked my artist to add stingray and turtle because those are my most favorite sea creatures aside from whale sharks. To make it more dramatic i intentionally asked my artist not to draw a face to it. This isn't done yet because we still have to add my most favorite part of the day in Baler which is its jaw dropping sun rise.

Hey! Here's the finish product of my shoulder piece (it is still swollen though)
All my tattoos have deep meanings, I always incorporate personal touch on everything i get myself into. It could be an eyesore to some but this is how i express myself and i already accepted that fact that there are people who look on what's superficial rather than digging what's inside. 
The sunrise idea which is now a reality

What i learned for having a tattoo? Just two words, 
"Commitment and Regrets"
Commitment - Bago ka magdecide, you have to weigh things, list down all the pros and cons because having a tattoo is permanent, unless you can afford a laser treatment to erase it for you which i am sure is not a smart thing to do because all the pain you've been to while you're being inked will all be wasted. 

Regrets - Before putting that design on your body that you just got from the internet, you have to be ready because for sure there are people who have the same tattoo as yours that's why i always create the concept on all my tattoos to make it more unique. It's my skin and i should not feel any regrets on all my designs. You have to make sure you pick what's best for you kasi it is your pride and you will carry it forever. Tattoo is forever, it may fade but it will stick to your skin until you die.

I kept on imagining what would i look like when i am old, i bet i will be a cool granny and all my grandchildren will be very proud that they have a cool granny like me! :)

Always remember: Only dead fish go with the flow, It's okay to be different.


  1. I have tats too so totoo, nakaka-addict talaga siya. My big one is on my upper right arm. I don't like colored tattoos though, a matter of preference so my tats are just with blank ink.

    And speaking of, I don't have a travel related tattoo, I need to do something about that. Out of all your tats, my fave would be the heart beat on your wrist.

    1. Hi there! Thanks.. I love every piece of my inks too.. Cheers for more inks to come:)


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