Thursday, April 2, 2015

Where to eat in Baler

Since i started going back and forth in Baler, i am so lucky to be able to experience different restaurants on my every visit, which made me decide to make a compilation of Places to eat in Baler featuring their dish/dishes that really caught my taste buds. 
1. Bay's Inn/Hungry Surfer (Click the link for the related post about Bay's Inn)
Best tasting Tapa Flakes in Baler

One of the best tasting tapa flakes I've tasted can be found in Bay's Inn. Fine, crispy strips that is really good especially paired with fried rice and fried egg. What makes it more special? You can enjoy the morning breeze and the view of the sea while you eat. You can also sit on the uncovered part of the restaurant to feel the sun's warmth on your skin.

My Favorite: Tapsilog
Budget: PHP 200 Below
Location: Sabang, Beach front

2. Angela's Cafe (Click the link for the related post about Angela's Cafe)
Fresh Pugon cooked Pizza

If you wanted to go Italian, you might want to consider eating at Angelas. It's just a small restaurant located at T. Molina street. I really liked their Pizza because they cook it differently, their pizza is baked and served fresh from Pugon - the traditional way.
My Favorite: Pepperoni Pizza and Baked macaroni 
Budget: PHP 200 Below

3. El teodoro
Budget friendly Silogs (fried rice and egg)

However, if you are on a tight budget you can go to El teodoro, they offer very affordable silogs and other home cooked meals. The place is small and open but do not underestimate them because the taste of their food is competitive too. 

My Favorite: Tapsilog
Budget: PHP 100 Below
Location: At the back of Bayler View

4. Kusina Luntian
Paco Salad especial

I know you already heard about the famous Paco salad in baler. If you really want to try it, you should go to this place. A tip of advise do not go here if you are "Palas na Palas" (Baleryano term for Very hungry) because they cook your food upon ordering meaning, you have to wait for 30 minutes or more, this place is perfect for patient people but once your food is served you'll realize that it's worth the wait. I really liked their Paco salad because of its crisps and sweet taste, you can even hear yourself while eating it! haha.
Famous Paco Salad serve with Salted egg and Tomatoes
Wapang Wapang na liempo and Adooy Chicken Adobo
a good chat with surf friends while waiting for your order is priceless then once food is served - Galit Galit muna

My Favorite: Adoooy Chicken Adobo and Paco Salad.
Budget: PHP 150 Below
Location: Alley 1

5. Costa Pacifica Raintree

If you don't mind spending too much on food, this is the best place to eat. Costa Pacifica is owned by the Angara and they serve different kinds of food. What i like the most on this place is the ambiance, Mayamanin kung baga (Rich), their food is a bit expensive but you will get what you paid for. My favorite dish on this place is their Kilawin (Raw seafood or meat dish cooked in Vinegar, similar to ceviche)
My Favorite: Kilawin and Paco Pizza
Budget: PHP 500 Below
Location: Sabang, Beach front

6.Baler Surfer grill
Peace kotseng Kuba lovers

What makes this place unique? They grill their dish on Old school Volkswagen Beetles. I've never seen a place like this in my entire life. They serve Bulalo in a different way because they grill it. FYI: Those beetles are still working because i saw them at the public market when they are buying for supplies.
My Favorite: Bulalo BBQ. Budget: PHP 200 Below
Location: Sabang, Beach front

7. Bayler View
All time Favorite! Kare Kareng gulay with Bagnet.

Bayler view was probably my favorite restaurant in Baler, aside from their friendly servers, i really love their Kare Kareng gulay with Bagnet, it taste like as if i am eating my mom's Kare Kare. Its sweet and you can even taste the peanut butter which is perfectly paired with their Bagoong (Shrimp paste)
They already extended the place so you will no longer see this
House blend Iced tea
Boneless Crispy Pata
Calamares and Kare Kareng Gulay with Bagnet
Kare Kare and Grilled ribs
Buffalo wings, Tokwa't Baboy and Binagoongan rice
My Favorite: Kare Kareng Gulay with Bagnet
Budget: PHP 250 Below
Location: Sabang, Beach front

8. Shane's Eatery - Rolling store
Turo Turo at its finest.

Tipid hits to the highest level, they offer very affordable meals. The owner is nice too - she even remembers me everytime we go there. 

Budget: PHP 60 Below
Location: Rolling store, beside Museo de Baler

9. The Shack by Old Parola
Indian cuisine

If you want to eat authentic Indian dishes, this is the perfect place to eat. 
My Favorite: Curry
Budget: PHP 200 Below
Location: Sabang, Beach front

10. Gerry Shan's place (Click the link for the related post about Gerry Shan's place)

Want to go heavy yet budget friendly place? this one is the best place to go. Their rate is surprisingly affordable compared to other buffets in baler. This is a Must try in Baler! 

Budget: PHP 200 Below
Location: Purok 4 Sabang beach Baler and Quezon st. Baler

11.Yellow Fin / P. Moreno Lodge(Click the link for the related post about Yellow fin's bar)

If you love grilled food especially Barbecue, try eating at Yellow fin's bar and grill. 
They have budget friendly menu yet still really good. You can also stay at their bar and have two bottles after a very tiring surf session. If you wanted a night life this is a good place to visit.

Budget: PHP 150 Below
Location: At the back of Bay's Inn.

12. Dialyn's Bakeshop

Happy ending *Desserts

Now after indulging yourself with food I think you deserve a happy ending. By happy ending means treat your life with a little sweetness.

I love their chocolate cake. You can also try their Dulce De Leche and Brazo De mercedes - best sellers.

If you visit Baler, make sure to put this on your list ;)


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