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Live to Feel experience | Feb 21 2015

Being part of the Live to feel movement was not really in my plan but i saw that the Roxy girls  (Bea Vega, Kage Gozun) are giving away Roxy and Quiksilver goodies for their top 10 favorite portraits so i tried my luck and i created a portrait on their site

Here is my Live To Feel portrait

By the way you may also view the gallery on that link. It was Friday afternoon when i saw Bea Vega's post and fortunately i was one of the top 10.. yoohoo!!

So after a long and stressful shift at the office, i arrived home, change my clothes then went straight to Eastwood Mall activity area. 
OOTD: Air walk slip on shoes, random shorts, random spaghetti straps sando paired with a random Vest
When we arrived at the area there were already posted portraits on the wooden cubes they personally arranged for the event. It is well organized, Kudos to whoever person behind this movement - it is really fruitful.

I registered then they asked me to go back after 30 minutes to claim my photo. My name flashed on the LCD and that's my cue

Claim stub
I thought it's just a small photo but when i inserted the claim stub on the printing booth tadaaa! it was a big tarp, when i say big it is a 3 x 4 feet tarpaulin! I guess i caught everyone's attention because all their cameras are now pointing towards me, i was so nervous at the same time stoked so i still managed to smile (i am hoping i look good on the photos though). 

 After all the picture and video taking they asked me where do i want to post my photo, one of them suggested to put it on top in the middle i agreed without any second thought because it was a good spot, i climbed the stairs while they follow me, well honestly, i felt like a VIP lol, maybe because i was one of the first to arrived on the location. They gave me something i could step on because the wooden cube is a little high, they also asked me to pose afterwards. I almost fell because i was euphoric, wanna know why? because that was the biggest portrait i had in my entire life! hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin ako makamove on, feeling artista at sikat ako - lol 

That's me over there! wearing that purple bonnet
A shaka from the metro
Yes, I was the first one! :)
Few minutes later - One of the ambassador came, OMG! it was Daniel Matsunaga! I picked up my undie on the ground (lol kidding). He's so nice and handsome. Below are my most #laglagpantymoments

This is the photo where Daniel M photobombed me!
Followed by Daniel M. are the Roxy gals: Bea Vega, Tamara Benitez, Kage Gozun and Brei Cabrera. 
The girls are busy setting up their booth

While the roxy girls are busy setting up their booth Laureen UY and Martine Cajucom arrived to deliver an inspirational speech about pursuing your dreams and following your passion.

So after that the Roxy girls started to call out names of the winners - i claimed it and of course i can't go home without photos with them. 
Yay! I am proud to announce that i was one of the @roxyph girls but for a day only.. Still stoked for having these awesome and beautiful Wahine!! lol
With the other winners
Few hours later - Marcelo Santos III came and gave books with autograph. Too bad i was not able to see Bianca Gonzales and Chef Jayps because i was really tired and sleepy so i called it a day.

What i did on the event

Indo board - it was my first time but it isn't that bad right? Bea was helping me to balance.

I doodled - on the spot - another first! I was so nervous and shaking but i really have to do it for me to be able to get a free shirt from Team Manila (yes! i really wanted it that bad) but my artwork didn't look so bad i guess.

Prizes from Roxy girl Bea Vega


Team manila busy printing shirts
Seeing my portrait up there really makes me happy, It feels like my existence do really matter and i am important. Kudos to the organizer of this fruitful event because I've learned a lot from it. 

Yay!!! View from below
I guess the purpose of the movement is to give a wake up call to the young generation to keep on chasing their passion and do what they truly love even if others will not understand and may stand against it but what matters the most is you are happy!! In my case, i strongly believe that i was not born to stay in one place, my heart is meant to be broken and pieces of it will be left on all the wonderful places I've been to. I am born to explore, to know, to understand, to learn and to discover what lies ahead.

All my life i was trying so hard to please everyone around me but as i age i realized that being liked by pretending to be someone will never turn out good because time will come that you will have to show your real self. What happens when being fake, people around you will be happy but you will never be. You know what i did to surpass that stage of my life? I gradually showed them the real me, some judged me, some left but some stayed. Piece of advise i can give to the young people like me - i wanted you to be yourself, no pretensions, being fake is not cool. As early as now, never, ever be afraid for being who you are. 

What I've learned

Live to share without expecting something in return
Live to thrill without hesitations
Live to appreciate small things
Live to explore without fear of being lost
Live to create beautiful things
Live to connect without judging
Live to inspire and never perspire (i mean never stop inspiring others)
Live to discover awesome things
Live to love unconditionally
Live to believe without doubts
Live to express and be heard
Live to imagine great things
Live to immerse in life changing events
Live to sense both tangible and intangible things

Please click the link below to know more about my story :) 

Please  click the link below to watch compiled videos of 

End note:
Know your purpose, Do not be afraid to be moved, embrace your existence and #LiveToFeel
- The lakwatserang negra #Ilivetoexplore
NOTE: All photos are mine - unless i put credits to it

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