Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ways to reach Baler, Aurora

Going to Baler but don't know how?
There are different ways going to the Beautiful town of Baler but it will depend on the time of your departure. See below for more information.

Note: Manila to Baler

1. The comfort sucker 
Are you the type of person that doesn't want any hassle? or are you bringing your surfboard with you and you wanted it to be safe and sound? Well, i would suggest you take Joybus - the executive coach of Genesis

The only bus line which has direct trip going to Baler, no stop overs. You can book your trip at this link.

For more information about Joybus - you may refer on my previous post

Trip duration: 4-5 hours - Depending on the traffic

2. The Chance passenger
In case you didn't had a chance to book your transportation - I suggest for you to go to Genesis as early as 11 PM so you could still secure a bus seat number. We never experienced it yet because we always arrive late at the terminal or we take joybus. If they no longer have available numbers you can wait for available seats on the bus, worst that could happen is you will be sitting on the Aisle to an improvised chair - if you get lucky you can still sit on the built in chair for the entire trip.

Note: as far as i remember - bus last trip going straight to Baler is 3 AM depending on the volume of passengers (might change without prior notice)

Trip duration: 5-6hours - Depending on the traffic

3. The late comer
If there's no more available genesis bus going to Baler, you could go to other bus lines going to Cabanatuan. As much as possible take the one going to Cabanatuan via SCTEX - and ask the conductor or driver if their bus will stop at Cabanatuan central terminal. 

Buses that offers Manila-Cabanatuan are the ff: Five star, Baliwag transit and ES transit.

Once you reached central terminal - try to look for Maria Aurora bus first - it's a pink air-conditioned bus going to baler, if none is available - go ask for available non-airconditioned/airconditioned vans within the vicinity. 

Note: on the Vans - they fill up the Van before leaving - so might take alot of your time depending on the number of passengers.

Other option: D-Liner or other ordinary bus

Trip duration: 2-4 hours (Manila-Cabanatuan) Depending on the traffic 
and 3-4 hours (Cabanatuan-Baler) Depending on the stop-overs

Sometimes, it isn't always about the destination - it is how you enjoy the journey, how you connect with nature and people around you along the way. May you have a safe and fruitful journey.
- the lakwatserang negra
NOTE: All photos are mine - unless i put credits to it

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