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The wait is finally over! | Pleasure for my feet

When i decided to have my own board:
We were in Baler last year and i was calculating my surf expenses since i felt like 1 hour surf session is no longer enough and the 2 hours surf session feels expensive (for me) that's when i decided to have my own board because i am planning to make surfing as my hobby and i am totally hooked. Since i don't have enough fund yet, I decided to sell my Canon 1100D.

I'm sorry baby.. 
Why KM.69:
My first choice was Skwala since they make really good boards but their price was little expensive maybe because they are manila based which means their boards are easy to pick up if you're manila based also. I asked one of my blog inspiration James Betia for other options and He said if i wanted to have a customized board, i should inquire to KM.69
I sent a message on KM.69's Facebook page and he was able to give me the price which was more affordable and i liked his works too which made me decide to place my order to his business.. 
Who is behind the KM.69 Surfboards:
Shaka sign on KM.69's place
It was November 30 2013 when my boyfriend and I went to Alfonso cavite (KM.69's location) to give 60% of my payment and there i met the shaper. His name is James Gabriel, I already saw his photo on Google when i was researching for local shapers near manila HERE's the article. But his hair was longer now because obviously the article that i found was written way back in 2010. He's very nice and i was able to have a short talk with him and i told him my preferences . By the way I also noticed why he named his business KM.69 because literally it was 69 kilometers away from manila. My boyfriend and I used the kilometer stones along the way as a guide.
How to get there:
Go to Coastal provincial bus terminal and ride a bus going to Nasugbu. Ask the Driver to drop you off to either buck estate or Rodeo Hills (few meter's away from buck estate).
Buck estate - You have to ride a tricycle and ask them to bring you to the surfboard maker named KM.69 in Rodeo hills.
Rodeo Hills - Enter the Rodeo hills and walk straight until you pass by the Candelaria chapel and the second basketball court. They already got a signboard going to KM.69 after the basketball court so you won't be lost.
At the end of the road you'll see this on your right.
My Design:
My board
The logo was a representation of Hakuna matata made by Disney. There is no really Hakuna Matata symbol but I've decided to adopt Disney's creation as a design on my board. 
Hakuna matata is a Swahili phrase that can be translated literally as "no worries." Its meaning is similar to the English phrase "no problem" and is akin to "don't worry, be happy".
The wait:
This was the most challenging part. The waiting game. I was sleepless for many days (because i work at night) and i was always excited. I kept on asking James how's my board doing and he told me it's still on queue. 
The long wait is OVER!
After months of waiting, James already set the date for me to pick up my board. It was a little late because he still got so many boards to finish before me which i understood (Common, the shaper still got a life). 
Worth it!
It was April 4 2014 when i was able to see my board on KM.69's page, I was psyched and stoked and euphoric, words can't really describe how i felt that moment. My board turned out to be better than my design. James totally nailed it. 
These is what he sent me:
Credits to James Gabriel
Credits to James Gabriel
This was for my Gopro (Credits to James Gabriel)
Credits to James Gabriel
Shaka with my shaper, Hope this won't be our last photo together. Looking forward to see you in the line up bro!
April 5 2014, My boyfriend and i went to pick up my board. We were challenged to bring my board home since my boyfriend and i just rode a bus going there but a soon as we reached home i opened the board bag and took couple of photos.

Isn't it obvious that they loved it? :):):)
NOTE: All photos are mine - unless i put credits to it


  1. nice to read your story! happy for you :)
    hope to see you on the line-up someday :)

  2. thank you for this post! I'm actually looking for some driving directions going to KM69 =) Hope to see you in the line-up! =) -Shem


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