Saturday, April 26, 2014

Surf competition Baler Day 2

NEXT DAY: More Heats!
7:30 AM We ate our breakfast provided by Barefoot travels after that we went straight to the beach and watched heats for the novice, then followed by my heat, again i topped the quarter semis. After the few heats they gave us 30 minute lunch break. When we were walking on the shore my boyfriend noticed Derek Ramsay because the Philippine Frisbee team was there too, i approached him and asked if can we have a picture with him, he approved so here it is.

My boy's face after the selfwe with Derek! lol i got jealous a little bit.

After Lunch, i was called for another heat again but this time we were only 4 instead of 5 and only 2 will be chosen since it was the semi finals already. 
Credits to Allan Dale Abeleda
Credits to Allan Dale Abeleda
Credits to Allan Dale Abeleda
I was happy because i never expected that i could reach that far, but seems like the finals is not for me, not yet. 
I'm not ready yet!

Just a selfwe with my boyfriend and Surf coach Yuri right after the semis

It was a very remarkable experience because from 40 participants i was able to get a chance to be included on the 8 competitors on the semi finals. I've decided to join the beginners cup again next year because i already know the feeling of being on a competition.

The success of this event isn't possible without them
Emperador light and pik-nik's tent
So after the competition my boyfriend and i went for a short surf because we will be leaving baler the next day.

Keep paddling and never look back.

After we surf, we went back to the Inn and freshen up, after that we went straight to Angela's cafe to eat our dinner then rest :)
NOTE: All photos are mine - unless i put credits to it

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