Thursday, April 17, 2014

Obligation VS. Life

We all have a forgotten dreams, dreams that we built when we were a child, dreams that is personally made by us and not affected by the people around us but as we grew up those dreams starts to fade, all those possible things becomes the impossible, the more we know about the world, the more we meet other people, the more it vanish. That's how life is. All those dreams became forgotten and we became preoccupied by the things we should do, the things that other people wanted us to do.

Before high school graduation, i don't really know what i am doing anymore. All my classmates are all taking up entrance exams on different colleges and universities while i lie at home doing nothing. I took up nursing not because i wanted it but because my family wants it (Better that nothing i thought). After few years of continuous learning i started to like what i am doing and i liked being assigned as an emergency room nurse (I am almost graduating so i don't really have a choice but to like it). I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I passed all the exams that i needed for me to graduate and also our pre-board exam (Not bragging, just saying). So after graduation i didn't took the licensure exams right away and i looked for a job instead. It's been 3 years now since i graduated, i thought i already knew where i could be happy but i learned that there is more to life, i no longer see myself as an ER nurse, i see myself doing the things that i really wanted to do, doing the things that i never tried, living the forgotten dreams that i once have. I know my family would kill me by not taking the path that they build for me but it's worth the risk.

Building your own road? Where does my dilemma starts?
I am torn between Obligation and life, Since i am the eldest child i have an obligation to my family, it's my duty to give them a good life as long as i am alive. "it's payback time" cliche it may sound. But how could i do that?
- Obligation and Life are two different things and it will not get along together very well but you have to learn how to handle those two separately, you need to split yourself and treat both equally.

Obligation will lead you to these:

Half of my salary is for my travel funds and i am supporting my family at the same time
- The answer: SAVE and proper budgeting, i may not be the right person that you need to ask about budgeting because i am bad at it and i am a super spender but i just don't want others to do the same mistakes that i keep on doing again and again. You gotta take it from me, it's hard.

Weekend: Family or travel?
- Always PLAN ahead of time. Set expectations to your family, do not leave them hanging, explain to them what is going on to your life and tell them your one month schedule. They have no choice and they will eventually understand.

Consider what should always comes first
The Life that i have now may not be easily accepted by the people around me but In life i learned that it's not what other people says that matters, it's what you really wanted to do and how you see yourself because at the end of the day it's still your life and you will be the one responsible for it.
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