Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Lakwatserangnegra joins BAREFOOT TRAVELS

I DECIDED to remove my workshoes and GO BAREFOOT
I met Jill on facebook, she liked my travel page and i liked their Alon fb page we also followed each other on Instagram so i guess we are Facebook and instagram buddies lol. We started conversing because we had the same interest which is to join the Baler beginners cup, I asked her if she knows an affordable package tour going to baler on the date of the cup and she referred me to her friend Rons, the co-owner of BAREFOOT TRAVELS

I'm not really a fan of package tours because i always want to go on the hard way and go DIY travel but since there will be an event and it's summer already I am expecting alot of people to be there which means all accommodations that i know might all be fully booked. I don't want to look for a place to stay again just like our first visit in baler because it's hard to find a budget friendly place and i am also bringing my board Hakuna so it will be more convenient for me and my boyfriend if we'll mount it on a private van. I spoke with Rons and he offered me several packages. Well ofcourse i picked the most affordable one which is in Nina's transient house.  He reserved 2 slots for me and i paid the package the next morning. .

Barefoot Packages: (May vary without prior notice)
If you're really looking for safe, hassle free and fun packages, just visit BAREFOOT TRAVELS facebook page. I really enjoyed and did not regret joining barefoot travels, their tour is well organized and fun because aside from their affordable packages i also gained new friends.So if you are a solo traveler and doesn't mind sharing a bed with a complete stranger just give them a beep! who knows you might also meet your solemate, oopppsss what i meant was soul mate, travel buddy or future best friend! :)
She is Ate Lottie, I just met her on the day of the competition. (We've been photo bombed by my love lol)
With Royce in Barefoot travel's tent before the semi finals
Trying to shake the bad vibes off by taking pictures! lol
Free bag tag from Barefoot
I am looking forward to join barefoot travels again on my future trips, i'm thinking maybe to see the sea of clouds in Mt. Pulag or go high in Sagada. Can't wait for file another VL! lol
NOTE: All photos are mine - unless i put credits to it


  1. do you have Quirino travel sched?

    1. Hi there! Please contact barefoot travels directly. You may send a msg to their fb account for assistance :)


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