Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bay's Inn

Bay's inn
On our second day we've decided to wait for sunrise but seems like the sun is too shy to show up that day that's why we just find a place to eat, I've read a blog about the Bay's inn's  and I've been spotting their restaurant since day one, so the three of us headed to bay's inn and tried what their restaurant has to offer.
I liked the way they designed their open restaurant, feels like i'm on Krasty krab's restaurant (spongebob's show). When we found a place to seat one of their staff gave us the menu, i ordered tapsilog paired with calamansi juice since according to the blog i read their tapsilog is really good, my partner ordered pancakes with extra 2 pcs of hotdogs while tobs also ordered tapsilog with pancakes. after few minutes our order arrived, i liked the way they cooked their tapa which made me remember the adobo flakes in recipes. After eating we head back to hotel and to prepare to go to market since tobs is needing slippers for out trek to mother falls.
Waiting for the sun but unfortunately it didn't show up
Bay's Inn
I ordered tapsilog
The restaurant may be a little pricey but their food is really good, i really liked their tapsilog :)

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