Sunday, April 27, 2014

Angela's cafe in Baler

It was a very long day for us, after a very tiring but fruitful day we treated ourselves with a very nice dinner. We've been to baler many times but we never tried Angela's. We only decided to have a pizza when there was a white guy eating pizza by the beach during the surf competition. 

Angela's is just small restaurant can be found few step away from the the Baler's municipal town hall.
Selfwe before ordering
while waiting for our orders, one of the Mahdox surf coach Errol passed by and i called him so we could have a selfwe.

We had pepperoni pizza and baked macaroni
It was the first time i tried eating pizza cooked in "Pugon" We really wanted to have lasagna but it's not available at the moment so we just ordered baked mac. It was so delicious but the price is affordable, I'll probably go back there to eat again. :)

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