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Baler accommodations compilation Part 1

What kind of traveler are you? The tight budget traveler? The party goer traveler? The lonely traveler or The surfer dude traveler? But don't worry my beloved Baler got it all for you:) 
After Kris TV featured Baler i noticed that some of my FB friends and colleagues started to talk about going to Baler. Some of them also asked for my help since they knew that i am a Baler local at heart which made me decide to come up with this post.

If you are indeed The tight budget traveler and you are with your friends who doesn't want to spend too much money on hotels, El trophine lodge is perfect for your group. 
Their rate: 1,000 - 2 beds that can accommodate 4 people (April 2013)
                    1,500 - 4 double beds that can accommodate 8 people (November 2013)
Located at: the back of the Baler market
How far from the beach: 3-5 minute tricycle ride
How the room looks like: Too bad i don't have good photos of the rooms that we've tried but if you are looking for an affordable place to stay you can consider this one. No need to worry because each room are air-conditioned, has TV on it and own bathroom.
Hope photos below are okay :)

Facebook page/Website: El Trophine facebook page

Other options for tight budget travelers

NINA's transient house 
The first time i stayed at Nina's was when i availed a travel package with Barefoot travels during the 6th Baler beginner's cup, then i asked one of their staff how much is their overnight rate, the price was quite reasonable so i decided to book my future trips with them. On our second stay we are group of three and Ate Evelyn (The owner) gave us the room at the attic, it's a nice room and i loved it. Air-conditioned with extra fan but the down side of it was there is no TV. They do also have a powerful WIFI so you can stay connected 24/7. So if you are on a tight budget, aside from staying at El trophine i recommend Nina's transient house. 
Their rate: 1800 Good for 4 pax (2 sharing bed), 1500 Good for 3 (1 Sharing and 1 single bed). 
Located at: Purok 2 Sabang Baler Aurora, your landmark will be the Iglesia ni Kristo church. Facing the main road, few meters away from the beach.
How the room looks like: 

That's the single bed
Sharing bed
Post surf sesh selfie at the attic
Facebook page/Website: NINA's Facebook page
Contact: 09084181438 - Evelyn Fernandez

Woodshack Baler
Honestly, I haven't tried staying here yet but out of curiosity I asked them on Facebook how many people they could accommodate and their rate. The place looks cool because it is perfect for low budget travelers. Plus their food looks good too! You could request any dish to them and cook it for you, As long as the ingredients are available in the market.
Their rate: 5000 per night good for 8 people
Located at: Alley 2, Sabang Beach
How far from the beach: 2-3 minute walk
How the room looks like: 

*Credits to Woodshack for letting me use their photos! :)
Facebook page/Website: Woodshack Baler

If you are The party goer traveler you can try The Yellow Fin/P.Moreno Lodge. Why? Because they do have their own restaurant and bar where you could enjoy 2 bottles after surf session and chill. But it won't feel like you're still in the city because you will be staying on an air-conditioned Nipa hut, yes, on an Air-conditioned Nipa hut.
Their rate: 850 - 1 double bed (January 2014)
Located at: the back of bay's inn, few steps away from the shore
How far from the beach: 2-3 minute walk
How the room looks like: Please refer on my Previous yellow fin's blog post on this link
Contact number: 09998436176 (i am not sure if it's still working though)

Yellow fin's room, on the left is the bathroom
However, If you are The lonely traveler, not the negative loner but the person who loves to spend more time alone and don't want to socialize with other people, this is a perfect spot for you. The Pacific waves Inn. Why? because its location is on the far right side of the Sabang beach where you can enjoy the serenity of the place because most people tend to stay at the hotels on the other side of the beach.
Their rate: 2,200 good for 4 pax (1 double deck and 1 double bed) - April 2013
Located at: the beach front away from the busy and crowded spots
How the room looks like: I was not able to take photos of the hotel because by the time of our trip i did not expect that i will start writing my every trips.
Facebook page/Website: Pacific waves facebook page
I will never forget the first time i witness the Sabang beach sunrise, it was warm and serene. The scene almost made me cry.
This is one of my fave! If you are The Surfer dude or dudette (The Adventurous traveler), Mahdox backdoor villa is perfect for you because they offer accommodation packages which includes one on one surf session with their cool and friendly instructors. 
Located at: the back of yellow fin / P. Moreno lodge
Their rate: 2,300 - 3days/2nights which includes 3 hour surf session with our personal instructors (June 2013)
How far from the beach: 3-5 minute walk
Facebook page/Websiite: Mahdox facebook page
                                                 Mahdox website
You can also refer on my previous blog post about our stay in Backdoor villa here
Mahdox backdoor villa

Mahdox surf school. Our instructors posing for us : )
The Patriot - If you wanted to stay close to other lodge yet wanting peace and quiet environment, You can consider staying at Casitas Bed and breakfast, Also owned by the owner of Bay's inn. As of now no WIFI yet but according to one of their staff they will be installing one soon. Their cottages are somewhat the same with Yellow fin.
Located at the back of yellow fin / P. Moreno lodge - near Mahdox backdoor villa
Their rate: (Bed good for 2 pax with TV and free buffet breakfast in Bay's Inn)
1,200.00 Sun-Thurs
1,400.00 Fri-Sat
How far from the beach: 3-5 minute walk

Information area
The hallway - Our room is located at the end near the garden
Oh, That's our bed
They got a clean restroom
But no hot water
The garden - Our visit was windy so it's really refreshing
Option 2: Pleasant Valley Guest House
Is one with nature, this place got the warmest welcome. This was actually referred by an instructor friend because we were looking for a clean but affordable place to stay. Since it isn't peak season, the owners gave us a good discount. I highly recommend this place to the people who wanted to escape reality and enjoy the time with nature. 
Located at: Purok 4, Sabang
Their rate: Please refer to their Facebook page for the room rates. 
How far from the beach: 3-5 minute walk

If you don't want to go swimming or surfing at the beach, you could enjoy their pool.
Or have a pleasant view of the free flowing fresh water while you soul search.

The place is surrounded by coconuts and different kinds of plants.

- Post above are based from my experience
- Room rates may vary without prior notice
- Room rates are per night except for the Mahdox backdoor villa because it already includes 3 hour surf session with one on one instructor.
- Incase i missed to put the contact numbers or the one i provided is no longer working, please contact them thru their FB page :)
NOTE: All photos are mine - unless i put credits to it

Baler Accommodations compilation Part 2


  1. im plannig to go to baler in 2 weeks, your blog is so helpful! thank you so much!

  2. Can you recommend any place for my team (30 pax) were planning for a team outing cant decide for a place to stay

    1. unfortunately i don't know any place that could accommodate 30 pax, but you can research for transient houses.. :)

  3. Thank you Angel, I love your blog. Now thinking about improving my surfing there. Do you know if surf conditions in Baler are usually good in November? I feel a long break is needed. Thanks

    1. Hey.. Thank you! ;) yes, waves are bigger during ber months and thats because of the northswell .. Goodluck to you dear.. I will be in baler too on the 15th and 30 ;)

  4. Hi, permission to post :) Please contact 09289063045 for the 30pax accommodation requirement. I am a resident from Baler and owner of First150 Travel and Tour. I have been giving out affordable packages for our Clients. Many thanks!

    1. Are there cottages for rent near the beach? We already have an accommodation in brgy Suclayin, I just don't how far it is from the beach so I just want to know if where can we stay while on the beach, just in case. :D

  5. Hey there .. Yes they do have cottages for rent there .. If youre facing the sea it's on the right side .. By the way suklayin is 2-3min tricycle ride away from the beach.. Enjoy!;)

  6. maam saan po dyan sa mga yan ang pwedeng mag luto para sa foodtrip? yun kasi yung hilig ng mga kasama ko ee.. salamat

    1. hi po - sa nina's po pede kayo magluto or magpaluto just get in touch with them -- the owner is nice. :)

  7. Thanks for having us on your blog.:) you should try Woodshack sometime.:)


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