Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend surfing, Yellow fin style | 2D/1N

I was so depressed because i got disqualified from the incentive program for the month of September that's why my boyfriend and i decided to push through our baler trip which has been postponed 2 weeks ago because of bad weather, He also told me that my one way fare is on him (This guy really know how to cheer me up lol..). 
hmm, maybe while reading this blog post i know most people might make their one eyebrow rise and would probably say "Another Baler blog post?!!seriously?!" yes, you're right this is really another Baler blog post but what's different on this post?,  well from my previous trip i made a write up about our stay in Mahdox Backdoor villa but this time i'm gonna give you another option that you might want to consider.

A night before our trip I made a reservation with Mahdox, they confirmed but after few minutes Mhallen(My Mahdox contact) texted me and told me that their room is no longer available since Barefoot travels will occupy the room that's why she asked me if it's okay if we'll stay at Yellow fin's which is just few steps away from the Backdoor villa. She also assured me that Yellow fin's rooms are great that's why i told her it's okay.

- Leaving Manila -
We missed the Joybus but good thing there was a regular genesis bus on the terminal when we arrived around 2:45am and the bus left at exactly 3:12am. Around 9:00am we reached Baler.

We went straight to Mahdox backdoor villa and Mhallen showed us the way to the Yellow fin's logde. I met ate Jo she's one of the crew who welcomed and gave us our key. She's very helpful and out of curiosity i asked her how much is their room rate and she said PHP 850/night with free breakfast (quite affordable huh).
The room is small but i liked it, maybe because of it's Nipa hut style, they also have TV, heater and it's already air-conditioned.
Click here to see more photos of Yellow fin's lodge

For brunch we would like to have BBQ but their grill is not yet ready that's why we decided to have Sisig instead.

They served it on a sizzling plate (for sharing)
Siesta time,

Woke up around 3pm and we headed to Mahdox surf school to catch some waves. I presented our voucher and we surfed for 2 hours. I'm proud to say that I've improved because i'm already getting used to the board, learned to control it and my trainer also taught me to read waves whether to get it or not.. Hopefully by next year i'll be able to buy my own surfboard :) (Crossed-fingers)

After surfing went back to the lodge and had our early dinner.
This time we ordered BBQ.
"8 pieces of BBQ, not bad for 2 people"
So i'm gonna sleep now, too tired and a little sad because tomorrow we'll head back to Manila again, well it feels like i left a piece of my heart here and it gone missing that's why i will never be complete again.

hmm. i hope i gave you guys options on where to stay, FYI they're both okay but i'd personally preferred Mahdox because they already have surfing lessons included on the package.
- Expenses: -
Package: PHP 1170/pax
 - Inclusions:
2 hour surf lesson or 2 hour board rental


RT BUS Fare: PHP 1400

Brunch: PHP235
Dinner: PHP305
Breakfast (Second day) - FREE :)

Total expenses for 2d/1n Stay in Baler: PHP 4330 or PHP 2165/pax

A.D.I.O.S :)
NOTE: All photos are mine - unless i put credits to it


  1. you happen to know the contact number for Yellow fin?

    1. 09998436176 - it's been a while since the last time i stayed with them but you can try that .. you could also visit their FB page :)
      Refer to this link for more info


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