Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This is how i pack "OUR" things

Since we are a traveling couple, i am in-charged with the packing, so here's what i normally do:
1. Put all the toiletries on a small bag, honestly, I am an OC traveler, as much as possible i wanted to put things on one bag so that i will be able to locate our things it easily in case we'll need it.
2. I also roll our clothes to save space (Very effective!!) and I arrange them according to type for example, all undies will be on one side of the bag, as well as the shirts and shorts etc. I also based my arrangements according to its importance, i will put the things that we use often within reach so that in case i will need to get them i won't need to pull out all our things which will absolutely ruin my arrangements, (I don't want that to happen).

For example: Jackets and hand towels should always be on top.

If i am going to be on a 3 day trip, i normally bring pair of clothes for 4 days, i don't like washing my clothes when i'm on a trip but there's always an exemption, if i will be out for weeks then ofcourse i will expect washing my clothes.

Using a PACCUBES which i won from a contest by TRIP@DORA in which made my life easier. I'm so lucky to have these.. :)

I included one photo of our bags on this blog post.
On the Left is an IONIK bag where i put all our clothes while on the left is a NIKE bag where i put all our gadgets (netbook,camera,cellphone) and also my planner because i love to write especially when something bumped into my head.

We used these bags on our previous 3 day Baler trip, technically one bag for 2 people for 3 days, the nike bag doesn't count because it's strictly for gadgets only.

We've been using these bags for a year and a half now and so far it didn't let us down.

UPDATE: I think it's time for the Nike bag to rest that's why i bought my very own backpack made by Deuter.. :)

TrAvEL Light! :)
NOTE: All photos are mine - unless i put credits to it

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