Wednesday, September 25, 2013


When my Aunt informed me that we'll be having our reunion in Boracay, i immediately looked for a seat sale. Unfortunately i can't find a seat sale to Philippine's famous airlines (cebupac, airphil,pal) on the specific dates of our vacation then google led me to discover about the tiger airways. My boyfriend told me that he don't know tiger do have a domestic flights as well. Looked at their website and luckily they offered PISO fare on the exact date of our trip. But before i book our flights to this airline i made a research, according to forums their plane usually leaves early which is okay with me because the schedule of their promo is a bit late and we wanted to catch the last boat trip to Boracay that's why we decided to book our tickets to them.\One of my friend said,
"Sa sobrang hilig mo sa pusa pati sasakayn mo pabora e pusa" lol
Well, what can i say about my tiger airways experience? it was awesome!
Kudos to\their friendly and accommodating crews which made our trip hassle free and also I don't mind leaving early so i liked it when we started boarding even if it's not yet time and was able to reach our destination right away. I also heard they gave free hotel accommodations and food for their delayed passengers because during our return trip to manila there was an issue with the airport's runway earlier before our flight, good thing they re-booked us to an earlier flight during that day that's why no damage has been made on our end. To sum it up, i will be booking our next trip to this airline not because i am a cat lover (lol) but because i am impressed. I wish they add more domestic flights.. :))
Here's a couple pic while waiting for boarding..

yumm..someone's hungry .. lol

We didn't checked-in any baggage, saves time.
When people started to Board the aircraft
It's our first time flying together
Our view :)

The AIRCRAFT during our return trip to manila

NOTE: All photos are mine - unless I put credits to it

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