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A Rainy day in Boracay | August 25-27 2013

The news
When my Aunt told me that there will be a family reunion in Boracay, i got so excited,uhm,, well, I always wanted to visit Boracay, they told me that i already visited it before when i was a child but i cannot recall it so i consider this as my first time and i am so damn excited!
With my game face on!! "Boracay BABY!!! :)
Buying tickets
I have been spotting tiger airways for a long time because they do have 1 Peso fare promo on the exact date of our trip but i don't have a credit card that's why on a a beautiful morning of June 11th i asked one of my friend Ate Prezy if she could let me use her credit card and i will just pay her in cash including the interest, luckily she let me use it and did not asked me to pay the interest.
Our Travel date is: August 25, 2013 5:40 pm to August 27,2013 4:00 am

The plan
There's actually no definite plan because the reason why we will go to Boracay is because of the reunion of our clan, but few days before the said date they moved it 1 day earlier so technically i will miss the reunion but few of my aunts and one of my cousin will stay at the hotel and will wait for us.
Boracay chickas!
The day before the flight
Saturday August 24, 2013
Went to Bulacan and pick up something-went back at the office to put the file on my locker-went straight to Greenbelt and watched Mortal instruments City of bones-bought swimsuit-went home late-Rest

The Big day
August 25, 2013
We woke up early, i did some laundry and prepared everything my cats will need while i am away.

Below is the complete details of our trip:
1:00 pm We headed at the airport (Naia Terminal 4 also known as "Old terminal").
Yes we are early because according to reviews about tiger airways they usually leave early which is much better because i wanted to catch the last boat going to Boracay since our flight is 5:40 pm and we will be arriving late.

2:30 pm Reached airport due to traffic

3:40 pm Checked in, all our baggage are hand carry.

4:50 pm Boarding time.
Ate Precy availed the boardme first add on online, i'm not sure what's the use of that add on until the tiger airways crew announced our names and asked us to board the aircraft before they opened the boarding gate for other passengers. To make it short we are the first people to board the aircraft, we felt special but i don't recommend it. By the way we didn't paid for terminal fee i'm not sure why.

5:15 pm The Aircraft take off, after fasten seat belt light has been turned off one of the tiger crews offered us direct transportation from Kalibo international airport to our hotel of choice in Boracay, we bought 2 vouchers.
Bag tags, Boarding pass, Southwest tours tickets
6:10 pm We are already out of the plane, the travel time was short and i'm impressed.
Tip: having your baggage to be on hand carry will save you lots of time. Pack wisely :)
6:15 pm Fall in line to southwest tours to get our official tickets.
Southwest tours booth at Kalibo international airport
6:30 pm The van departs from kalibo international airport, then it started raining

Boracay is approximately 70 kilometers away from kalibo international airport.
when we are already halfway from our destination, the driver stops to a southwest rest terminal then told us that we can have a bladder break for 10 minutes. Then our journey continued..

8:00 pm Arrived at Caticlan jetty port, still raining and the ocean isn't friendly

8:45 pm Boat left Caticlan jetty port and few minutes later we are already in Boracay, it was a short ride but it's one of the worst because my stomach is acting really funny because of the coffee i consumed before our flight (i have low tolerance to coffee).
Inside the fastcraft boat
9:00 pm We arrived at the hotel
Our reunion was held at St. Vincent Cottages, my Aunt paid a room for us
Our trip going to Boracay is hassle free because other tourists made it easier for us to know where should we go next.

We left our baggage at the hotel then we went out for dinner, we ate at Club manila East-Boracay in station 1 and we ordered Pork Sinigang, Pork Sisig and Lechong Kawali.
Pork Sisig
Lechong Kawali
After dinner we went for a walk then suddenly the rain starts pouring that's why we are forced to go back to the hotel.

Next day
August 26, 2013
We woke up early then we went out for a walk, we reached the grotto in station 1, took a dip, took some photos then afterwards we went to Dmall and looked for a place to eat. We ordered at Andoks and just brought it to the hotel since there's no more vacant seat.

After eating, we went back to the shore and swim again, i was not able to use my Canon 1100d because of the rain, so i technically overused my gopro hero3.
Waves in Boracay on our previous visit

The Shore
I always thought Boracay for having a calm, crystal clear water, white powdery sand just like the pictures i saw online but during our trip it is totally different, the waves are big, there are lots of sea weeds, the water isn't clear and the sun didn't showed up and it's all because of the typhoon.

Return trip
August 27, 2013
5:00 pm left St. Vincent Cottages it was gloomy then the sky started crying again.

8:00 pm We arrived at Kalibo international airport and it's still raining
We took our dinner at Bahay Kubo which is just across the airport, our menu is the famous Lapaz Batchoy, Porksilog and Garlic Sizzling chicken. The food there is somehow expensive and it ranges from 90 php up.

After we ate, we stayed outside the airport because they won't let us in yet since our flight is 4:00 am, they are giving priority to the passengers with delayed flights. Around 1:00 am, people started to leave, some went to the hotel, some was able to ride the plane. Few moments later one tiger airways crew approaches us and told us that we can now check in,they also informed us that we are transferred to another aircraft because our 4:00 am flight will be delayed, so our flight is moved 1 hour earlier which is 3:00 am instead of 4:00 am.
I'm also surprised that there is 100 php terminal fee because in manila we didn't paid for such.

5:00 am Home

Our Boracay trip was short we didn't tried any water activities there because of the weather.
Hopefully i will be able to go back when the sun isn't too shy to show up.

Click here for complete details of our expenses

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