Thursday, August 22, 2013

Why do i like to travel even if it's rainy season?

First is because only few people chose to travel during rainy season that's why i wanted to take advantage of the weather and travel not that i am risking my own safety but because i appreciate the nature more when there's only few people around me and because of that i could reflect more about life, that's how i learn from my every travel. 
"I live my life like a fish, i don't go with the flow, i swim against it." 

Second, As a novice surfer, wet season is best teacher for me because the waves are consistent and a lot better compared during summer.

For some people they tend to get emotional when raining but in my case it's totally the opposite. I always wanted to go out, let my clothes get soaked by the raindrops and play like a child under the rain (except if there's lightning and thunders lol).
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souvenir f


Luckily my blog entry got the second spot, i didn't expect for my entry to win but i am grateful that God gave me an extra blessing.

Here's the list of the winners

By the way, I won a Paccube set, i loved it and i will use in on my next travel.. :)

Click here to check the photos of my prize

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