Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Lakwatserangnegra | Baler - An eye opener

I know I've been posting a lot about Baler lately but to give you more idea why, let me tell you a story..
I graduated high school not knowing what course should i get, so my family asked me to get nursing instead since it was on demand during that time. It was 4 years of continuous learning, i met lot of people some became my friends and some only knew my name. On my final days before the graduation,my life is home, school, few socials and duty, that is when i started to get bored i told myself that i don't want to have a monotonous life, i want a life full of surprises, an exciting life.
(Just a selfie with my Diploma.. :)))
After graduation i looked for a corporate job, my first job was epic fail so i applied for another one and fortunately i got hired. I spend most of my salary in shopping, socials and investing on material things then it came to the point i started to ask myself "Is this what i really wanted?" i told myself  "Ofcourse i don't want this kind of life". I want to feel that what I've been working for is worth it, i got tired of the view of city, i wanted to escape from such noisy place, i need to be somewhere peaceful where i could even hear my own heartbeat, reflect what kind of life i wanted to have and who i really wanted to be. So i started traveling with some of my colleagues. I will never forget my first time camping with them and it was awesome, I didn't thought that there's more exciting thing to do than shopping.
 (At Pico De Loro's peak, we were literally so high!)
(Just having a good time at Anawangin Cove, Zambales)
After few out of towns with them i still felt lost so i continued my journey. Few months later, me and my partner decided to go to Baler, it was a decision of a lifetime and we didn't even think about it, it just happened, we didn't avail any packages since our trip is unexpected, so i researched through internet and read blogs about the place then i made our own itinerary. I am a little anxious when the day of our departure came, but good thing i am really equipped with what we needed to know on our trip which made it hassle free (kudos to myself). Our Baler trip was became an eye opener to me, i was able to enjoy nature at its best, i was able to ride the waves for a first time, i was able to appreciate the waves since i'm not really fond of wavy ocean because of my near death experiences when i was a kid. But during our trip, i was able to overcome that fear, despite of many wipe-outs i still chose to go back to my instructor without looking back to the shore, without hesitations. Now i already know who i wanted to be, i wanted to be someone that believes in herself and someone that will keep on riding no matter how many bad wave life gives, someone that fulfills her wanderlust. I wanted to be a full time traveler and at the same time a story teller, but since my savings isn't enough i can't just quit my demanding job, but i will keep on traveling in between because life's too short for me to save today then spend it after, i don't want to start traveling when i'm old, i wanted to live free and be wild while i'm still young and still have the energy to try everything life has to offer.
So Before i end this post, i just wanted to tell you something:
"Getting out of your comfort zone might be a little stressful but i assure you it's fun!"
- The lakwatserangnegra
"Don't stress yourself surviving, get stoked"

Baler videos
NOTE: All photos are mine - unless i put credits to it

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