Sunday, June 23, 2013

Majestic Balete tree in Aurora

One of the spots you shouldn't miss during your stay in Baler is the 600 year old tree and was recognized as the Asia's Largest balete tree. The said tree is located at Maria Aurora, Aurora. The tree was exaggeratedly huge with many branches and roots to the point that you can already go inside. At first i am a little scared to enter because i might end up into a different dimension so it's kinda like a warp zone for me,(funny huh?) but i don't want to spoil the moment and i did it, i was able to get inside not only once but twice!
Balete tree's location is a 30 minute tricycle ride away from Baler. During our last visit they do already have a log book and donation box for the maintenance of the tree.We stayed there for 20 minutes we just took couple of pictures and went to our next destination. According to our guide the original tree already died that's why there are spaces inside.
Photos are posted below:
The Famous Balete tree
Upon entering the tree
The boys are already in
 Here's what it looks like if you look up when you're inside the tree
We're already inside and enjoying the cold air passing through the tree
 Big thanks to our tricycle driver for this group picture
 Tobs likes the tree


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