Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Lakwatserangnegra | Mahdox: Surfing in Baler 2.0 | June 2013

Surfing was one of my childhood dream and i'm glad that right now all my dreams are tunring into reality one by one. Actually surfing is the main reason why we chose to go to baler, i really wanted to be good at it so few months after our first visit here we are again. This time we chose the Mahdox backdoor because of their included surfing lesson package.
After our tour on our first day we've decided to use our 1-hour surf voucher, it was around 4:30 pm when we started, you know what's funny? my trainer during my first surf lesson last April was the same person during my second. My trainer's name is Jeff and i can say that I've learned the basic of surfing from him during my previous sessions so since i am already a second timer that time i am somehow confident and less afraid. I also asked lots of questions and he was able to answer all of it properly.

He let me used a real long board this time so i was able to experience how it feels like on a real board, it's kinda hard but after a few wipe outs i was able to stand on the board again. This time the training gets tougher because the waves are way higher compared to our last visit.

The next day after our trip to Mother falls we went out for another hour of surfing, Jeff is my trainer again and I've learned new stuffs from him, i also knew that being a trainer is just a part time job for him and he's still studying college, Actually he still needs to go to school after our session.

After an hour of riding waves we called it a day, Jeff has to go to school and we need to get back to hotel to wash and rest since we are leaving early in the morning the next day.

Mahdox staffs are very accommodating, can't wait to come back there and have a good time with them.
Some snapshots from our Surfing lesson is posted below:
We are so ready to hit the waves! bring it on! (Game face)
Mahdox backdoor do have this small sign on the pot near our door
My board..Yeah!!
Super love Baler!! 
Dusk in Baler..
Mahdox surf school..
I really enjoyed our stay and i am excited to go back and ride another set of waves! :)

Mahdox surf school is located at the Sabang beach, tricycle drivers know where exactly it is located.

Click on the link below to know more about their packages

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