Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mahdox Backdoor Villa | 3 days 2 nights

At first i really thought Mahdox is just a surf school but when i tried to google their business i found out that they also offer accommodations and tour packages. I don't really care about the tour packages because I've already did the tour on my last visit, What really caught my attention is the very affordable hotel rate and the surf lessons included on the package. I filled out their inquiry form on their site and after few days i received a text message from Mhallen she answered all my inquiries via SMS that's why me and my partner decided to avail their Aloha package. We Paid Php 2300/pax which is already good for 3days/2nights with a total of Php 6900 (for 3 persons). After we deposit our payments on their bank account, Mhallen sent our itinerary ticket on my mail.
I asked Mhallen where is Backdoor Villa located and she told me that she can ask anyone to pick us up at the Genesis terminal all we have to do is let them know when and what time but since our travel time going to baler was shorter than we expected i was not able to gave her a call but fortunately one of the tricycle drivers knows the location of the Backdoor Villa.
When we reached the Villa a woman named Dadang welcomed us, she also provided us our key and i asked her if do we still need to pay additional Php 50 for early check in but she told me that no need to pay additional Php 50 since they aren't expecting other guests.
When i entered the room i lay down and took some sample shots from my Gopro. The room is actually good for 4 people it has 2 double deck beds and air-con, the hotel is also equipped with WiFi but it doesn't have TV on it, Who cares we aren't going to stay indoors anyway.

Backdoor is not located at the beach front and as of the moment they only have 2 rooms that can accommodate 5-6 person per door but per Mhallen they will start to build more rooms this coming august 2013.

Wanna see how the Backdoor Villa looks like? scroll down

The room looks like, pretty small but it's okay for me

The beds

Shower curtain

Bathroom which is pretty small but i liked the interior inside

The Window

Wind chimes displayed outside

The villa do also have hammocks that you can relax if you don't want to stay inside your room

Here's our surf vouchers, each voucher is equivalent to one hour surfing lesson.
In our case, they gave us 3 hour surfing lesson per person
I am a one proud Mahdox baby and will definitely go back to learn more about surfing..

Please click on the link below for more info:
You can also call or text Mhallen for inquiries
Smart: 09283797349
Globe: 09152969411


  1. Thanks for the wonderful write up! Must come back and surf with us asap :) Bring more friends and share the Mahdox stoke!

  2. Thanks for sharing this one. Very helpful.


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