Friday, June 21, 2013

Joybus - Executive coach of Genesis | Best Bus EVER!

Actually taking a Joybus was not on our plan but since the regular Genesis bus is not yet at the terminal when we arrived we've decided to give it a try so we bought our tickets which costs Php 700, yes, it is quite expensive compared to the regular Genesis Buses.
What makes it expensive? because this Bus doesn't have stop overs so you can sleep while you're on the way and wake up once you're already on your destination.

As far as i know Genesis are the only Bus lines which has direct trip to Baler from the metro.
You also need to book you ticket ahead of time, in our case we just got lucky because they still have vacant seats but don't gamble it's still better to book your tickets early to avoid hassle especially during peak season. Take it from me, been there, done that, and i learned from it.
Click on the link below for their schedules.

Genesis webpage

Upon Entering the vehicle, a stewardess welcomed and provided us a comfy blanket together with Flakes and bottled water. Our Bus was supposed to leave around 2:30 am but it left 15 mins before time which is a good thing. Our travel only lasted for 4 and half hours and i am so impressed with the travel time because i am expecting a longer trip that's why i will definitely book my tickets again with Joybus on my next visit to Baler.

Here are some photos so you'll have a better idea how it looks like inside and out:

That photo above was actually taken when we arrived in Baler because one of the guards in Cubao Terminal told me not to take pictures of the Bus which made me curious why. I apologize for second picture seems like my 1100d doesn't like cold temperature :)
Photo above is how the bus looks like inside, if you will notice they do have a lavatory inside the bus but they don't allow call of nature no. 2. They also have T.V's inside but they didn't turned it on maybe to let people rest since it's still 2 in the morning.
Flakes and water provided to us
My body guards lol
Few reminders: 
Always bring anti-emetic drugs (i.e Bonamine) - the road has many curves especially when you're already passing through the Sierra Madre mountain ranges

Always book your tickets ahead of time and as much as possible pick the first trip to lessen the travel time.

Always bring tissue or wet wipes (The joybus i rode doesn't have water at the lavatory)

Always make your no. 2 call of nature before travelling.

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