Thursday, June 13, 2013

Getting my NEW Go pro hero3 silver edition (it ain't that easy) | 6/13/2013

What makes me think of buying an underwater camera
After our Anniversary trip in Baler (April 2013), when we were at The Mother falls i was carrying my CANON EOS1100D which made me regret from bringing because it's big and heavy and i hate it when i need to be more extra careful not because i don't want to get hurt but because the camera is so sensitive and might be damaged easily if get soaked by water and because of that i was not able to get near the falls. That's why from that moment on i told myself that i'm getting a new underwater camera by hook or by crook. Another reason why is because i fell in love in surfing and i wanted to document everything (i love keeping memories).
The Plan
When i went to work after that out of town trip I told gelo (My mentor) about my plan and ask him which is better in these 3 brands, canon, olympus or pentax then he told me "hanapin mo yung hero cam, tignan natin baka magbago isip mo" (check the hero cam, you might change your mind), so when i arrived home i googled the hero cam and from that moment i fell for it, gelo's right, it totally changed my mind (haha), the cam really fits to my lifestyle since i love the water aside from that it's really a good idea to have an underwater camera i because want to document all the places I've been to whether by land or water so that when i get old i can show my children how spontaneous i am when i am still young.
Gopro hero 3 silver edition cost here in the Philippines is around PHP 15000 which is a little expensive, then i ask my uncle how much the silver edition in the US just for comparison and he told me he found 264 USD online (eBay) so if i converted it to peso let's multiply it to 41 (current exchange rate) the total will be PHP 10824 which is way affordable maybe i can save more or less PHP 4000 that's why I decided to ask my uncle if he could buy me the silver edition and i will just pay it here since they will be visiting here for a vacation, he agreed which gave me sleepless days (I work night shift) and placed me in Euphoric state for days. After that deal the challenge starts, how will i make PHP 10000 in few weeks then i looked at my Xperia U and decided to sell it for PHP 6500 since i rarely use it. I PM my friend's husband since they already bought 2 of my previous cellphones before (as far as i could remember). We talked and we had a deal. After selling my Xperia i bought a Brand new nokia cellphone for only HP 900 (not sure what's the unit) but it has Radio, flashlight, games (Snake, Bounce and Rapid roll)
From this

To this
Arrival day (Yipeeeeeyyy!)
When my aunt and uncle arrived i was not able to pick them up at the airport since i am still at work, so after work i went straight to our house in Bulacan and found out the they didn't bring the go pro (too bad :(), they left it at the hotel since they expected me to pick up the item at the condo so i just stayed there and spend lunch with my family. My aunt told me that we could leave Bulacan right after their appointment to the dentist after lunch, i agreed and i rest while waiting, actually i can't sleep because i am so damn excited (lol) that's why i just lie on the couch chatting with them. After going to the dentist we took a van going to MRT via NLEX and took a cab going to the condo. The traffic was really frustrating, we reached the condo around 4:30 pm. I left the condo past 5:00 pm, the guard called a cab for me but the cab driver don't want to take me to Gilmore Q.C because he told me it's traffic everywhere so i just told him that "okay, just bring me to the MRT station in Buendia" he agreed, when i reached the MRT, the lines were really long maybe because it's rush hour and it rained that day. When i arrived at the the MRT it's kinda epic fail for me because the line that i'm following is only for people who already have stored value cards, good thing the line in the counter is only short so i was able to buy my ticket in no time but i have another problem, i still need to fall in line again but i was really frustrated that moment that's why i just cut in (good thing no one noticed). After that first obstacle i have another challenge to face, there are so many people waiting for the train and the lines were long which it took me roughly an hour or so before i get the chance to ride the train. I arrived home around 7:30 pm and i am so damn tired because i am already awake for 24 hours, i really felt sick maybe because i got wet in the rain so i notified my boss that i will be absent. After that call i was able to rest.

The was one hell of a day, i was very tired but it's really worth it because someone goodhearted person told me to pay only PHP 5000 and she will take care of the rest, so technically i only bought my go pro Cam for only PHP 5000 that's why i still have extra money to buy that Go pole bobber.

I am still setting up my go pro i will just start posting photos on my facebook page once i'm done.
My New Baby :)

I was testing my gopro and i accidentally took a selfie lol

"The Best thing about having a go pro is the thrill it gives you every time you press the shutter button and hoping that every shot is worth it since you will not be able to preview it until you place you SD card to your computer. So all you can do is hope.."
- The lakwatserangnegra
"I just became a Hero"


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