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The Lakwatserangnegra | Baler trip | Love is sweeter the second time around (June 16-18 2013)

I know I've already did a write up about my trip in Baler last April 2013 but this time i wanted everything to be more specific that's why i decided to come up with this blog post to share my second trip in Baler.
"Love is sweeter the second time around"
I may sound corny but it's true. Me and my partner really enjoyed our first visit in Baler that's why we told ourselves that we are definitely going back and take a dip to the Mother falls which we failed to do on our first trip because we are already running out of time. Originally we planned to be back by July but due to our demanding job we moved the trip 1 month earlier, we plotted our Vacation leaves and escaped from the pollution and stressful ambiance of the city. Supposedly our plan for this trip is just surf and take a dip at the Mother falls but since this is Tob's first time (My partner's friend) we ended up giving him a tour.

Here's our 3 Days/2 Nights Itinerary
June 16th 
12:00 am  We woke up
1:00 am Left the house
1:05 am reached Genesis bus terminal
 - I spoke to the dispatcher to ask where is the bus going to Baler and he told me to wait.
1:30 am We decided to take Executive Joybus because Genesis bus not yet at the terminal
1:50 am On board, their Stewardess gave us a bottled water, biscuits and a comfy blanket.
2:16 am Our bus left (supposed to be departing by 2:30 am)

Joybus fare Php 700 (No stop overs)

6:42 am Touch down baler, i'm impressed with Joybus because our trip only lasted for 4 hours which is faster that i expected. As soon as we arrived the terminal i called Ate Mhallen (Mahdox) but she didn't answer because she's also not expecting us to be this early so we've decided to go to Mahdox surf school and we'll just ask the tricycle drivers where is the Backdoor villa.On the tricycle line we met Kuya Gil, i asked him if he could bring us to Mahdox Backdoor villa and luckily he know where is it located. When we reached our destination Kuya Gil asked us if we wanted him to be our service on our tour his rate is Php 800 which is already good for 3 he gave us his contact number and told us to text him when we are ready.Upon entering the Villa vicinity a girl named Dadang welcomed us, i asked her if our room is ready and if we still need to pay additional Php 50 every hour since check in time should be 2:00 pm, she told us no need to worry since they are not expecting any guests.We rested for few hours and texted Kuya Gil to pick us up around 10:00 am

10:00 am We ate at Gerry shan's buffet restaurant

Buffet for only Php 185

11:30 am 0ff to our first stop, The Balete Tree, according to Kuya Gil the tree is already around 500-600 year old.
Arrived 12:02 pm  Left 12:22 pm
12:22 pm Off to Aniao Islets
Arrived 1:10 pm Left 1:19 pm
1:19 pm Off to Diguisit falls
I already forgot what time we arrived since i am too preoccupied to the scenery (My apology)
Left 1:41 pm
1:41 pm Off to Ermita hill, there we saw the Cemento beach, Sabang beach and the Mountain stretch of Sierra Madre.
Arrived 1:50 pm Left 2:10 pm
2:10 pm Off to Town tour
Donna aurora house was closed
Arrived 2:26 pm and went to Museo de Baler which is on the other side of the street.
Left 3:05 pm
We didn't include the Ditumabo Mother falls since we don't want to be time pressured and i also wanted to have a long dip on the falls since we're not able to experience the water on our previous tour.
3:18 pm Back to the Villa
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Surf time
After surfing we went back to Villa to wash and rest, we skipped dinner because it's been a long day and we're too tired to go out and eat.

June 17th
Woke up around 5:00 am for the sunrise, after the sunrise we ate at Bay's Inn, I ordered tapsilog and Calamansi juice for my colds,Tobz had tapsilog and pancakes while my partner ordered Pancakes and 2 pieces of Hotdog. After Breakfast we head back to Villa and while we're on our way we saw a bike rental station their 1 hour rate is only Php 35 so i asked my 2 body guards if we could rent a bike going to the Market and luckily they agreed.We left the Bike station around 8:30 am and was able to return before the 1 hour limit ends. It was fun, i miss it and because of that i wanted to have a bike! :)
We return to the Villa and rest.

11:55 am off to Ditumabo Mother falls
This time we didn't availed any package we just hailed a tricycle and ask how much is his rate up to the falls, he told us that his rate is Php 300
Arrived 12:45 am Mountain feet and we started trekking.
In the span of 2 months i noticed some changes, today they already built a bamboo bridge to make the trekking easier but you have to pay Php 2.
Left the falls 2:20 pm
3:50 pm Arrived Villa
My partner gave Php 50 tip to the tricycle driver
4:30 pm - 5:30 Surf
7:00 pm took our last dinner in Baler at freddie's inasal
8:20 Villa

June 18th
Missed the sunrise because i was too tired and my body really hurts.
7:11 am We left key on the bed because ate Dadang's still asleep.
8:00 am Genesis bus left baler
3:20 pm Home

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NOTE: All photos are mine - unless i put credits to it


  1. baler is such a lovely place. i've been there last week and be back for more.
    btw i love ur background song. :)


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