Sunday, June 23, 2013

Aniao Islets and Diguisit waterfalls

Aniao Islets
So after the Balete tree our next destination is the Aniao Islets. It is located in Baler, Aurora so it took us another 30 minutes to reach our destination.
The beach is rocky but many family still chose this place for picnic, i also saw some children playing at the shore. We only stayed here for couple of minutes to take pictures then we left afterwards because the sun is burning hot and we still got a lot of spots to visit.
We really did took a lot of pictures on this spot so scroll down if you wanted to see some of the images we took.

The rocks, the sun is really hot and it makes the water warm, i'd love to take a dip but we still need to go to other spots and i don't want to get soaked early.
It's me enjoying my dip
Just me with Tobs noobs
Mj "ang Mr. Pogi ng Aniao" :)
Diguisit falls
This is my second time visiting the Diguisit falls but this time i was able to climb all the way near the top and was able to take good photos of it. The trail going up is slippery so you have to be extra careful especially when going down.
The Diguisit falls
Just a smalll falls below the Diguisit falls

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