Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Lakwatserangnegra | A forgotten Dream

Upon writing this blog I keep on staring on my laptop screen while eating pancit canton and thinking what are the perfect words to use that will explain what I really feel about Traveling.
For me, Traveling was a forgotten dream, because when I was still a kid I wished that I was born rich so it will be easier for me to travel the world and go to the places that I wanted to be.  That's why when I finally had a job and have money of my own I told myself that I will start saving and will go to my childhood dream places.
What triggers me?
Me and my Co workers started backpacking Year 2011, our first trip was climbing the Pico De Loro mountain, it was my first trekking experience, the feeling was remarkable. Being on the summit makes me realize how small I am, how big and beautiful the world is and it would be a sin if it will be left unexplored. The view was really jaw dropping, I almost cried. That moment totally add fuel on my burning passion to to choose the road less traveled and create my own path. On the same month we decided to go to Bicol, we stayed there over the weekend only but we manage to make the most out of it. We went to Hoyop Hoyopan cave then followed by Mayon planetarium which we only stayed for few minutes, took pictures with friends and our last stop is Lignon Park where we tried Zip line (another first for me), witness the majestic perfect cone shaped Mayon Volcano and feed our eyes with the stunning view of the Albay city.
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I was actually shaking - but i overcome that fear when i saw the view
One of the best moment of my life - no words
Few months after Bicol trip, we went to Anawangin cove and Capones Island, that was our last out of town together since we all became busy at work.

Batanes? Nahhh, Capones Island
I got bored and I am getting crazy!!! I don't know what to do with my life anymore, I hate monotonous life.
One day I met a guy who share the same passion - to travel and explore the unexplored. We became good friends and eventually became a couple. We started to go to many places.

I made a list of the places that we've been to: (Not updated)

Calleruega Batangas (Dec 2011)
Baguio (Apr 2012)
Majayjay Falls Laguna (Imelda Falls) (March 2012)
Borawan Quezon "We became official" (April 2012)
CWC Camsur Bicol (It was his sister's idea) (June 2012)
Puting Buhangin Quezon (Mar 2013)
Puerto Galera (Sept 2012)
Republic Wakepark in Nuvali Laguna (Dec 2012)
Ilocos Sur and Norte  (Jan 2013)
Baler Aurora (April 2013)
Boracay (Aug 2013)
Many more! Go to this link to see the updated places we've been 

He also brought me to the places here in the city that I've never been (Greenbelt,Boni Hi,UP Diliman to eat isaw etc).

Traveling is my life, it may be a forgotten dream before, but not today, I am starting to live my dreams now, and 
I am looking forward to visit the 7,107 Philippine islands with my boyfriend and show the world how beautiful the Philippines despite negative feedbacks from other people.

We will not stop, we will continue to try new things together, we will overcome our fears together, we will find adventure together, we will live our life to the fullest because we believe that people only live once.

Don't just survive LIVE FREE | WORRY LESS | and TRAVEL MORE..

NOTE: All photos are mine - unless i put credits to it

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