Saturday, May 25, 2013

Exploring Bicolandia two part Adventure (Part 2)

Part 2
The trip was after my boyfriend's sister's wedding last June 2012.
When we reached camarines sur we visited the Our lady of penafrancia church then we went straight to our hotel and went to CWC for wakeboarding. We stayed at ecovillage which is just few meters away from CWC.
When we arrived at CWC, we tried the Lago del rey course, it was tiring but i did enjoyed it especially the trampoline, another first for me.

Scroll down to see photos of my trip! :)
Our lady of Penafrancia church

Enjoying Lago del rey course

 The trampoline 
Play hard! :)
Tickling my boyfriend lol

 Night wakeboarding

My CWC baller
The next day we went to Cagsawa ruins in Albay to witness the mayon volcano then we ate our lunch at dad's. We ordered the famous bicol express and their pinangat.

The Cagsawa church
Lunch at DAD's
Famous Pinangat/Laing from Dad's
Bicol express

Before we go back to manila we also ate at Biggs :) 
You should try it, its a must! 
(Not all photos are mine, credits to Ate roda and ate Tinet for their awesome photos)

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