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Exploring Bicolandia two part Adventure (Part 1)

Doing a write up about My Bicol trip is not on my plan because i already forgot most of the details of our trip  especially the expenses, But my aunt wanted to see my Bicolandia experience, so here it is.
I've been there twice, first is with my travel buddies at the office, second is when my boyfriend's sister treated us for an out of town trip after their wedding. 
My first bicol trip was wayback in August 29-30 2011, i was with my travel buddies, it was only over the weekend but the sweat is all worth it. For the record, that was the longest trip i had without my family.
My second visit was 3days/2nights, it's still short because we just traveled by land so most of the time we were on the road.
Don't really know what else to say, so here, i made a compilation of photos during my first and second visit.


During my first trip, we visited:
Hoyop Hoyopan Cave in Camalig Albay
As far as i could remember this was our first stop, as soon as we reached the location, we started walking to a hill and on top of it there resides the entrance of the cave.

Here's our epic group picture:

(Credits to Ate Jo who took this photo)

Cave Rules, if you cannot follow these simple rules, do not dare to enter.

Now, Let's go inside:

Who's Hungry? can you see the chicken leg shaped rock? 

On the photo is me singing "Isa pa Isa pa Isa pang Chicken joy" (Famous Jolibee commercial)
(Credits to Ate Jo who took this photo)

Kuya, The tour guide
I really learned a lot from this guy about the cave, despite of his inability to speak straight tagalog, he's still fond of answering all our nonesense questions.
(Credits to Ate Jo who took this photo)

While i am inside the cave, i can really felt the cool air flowing inside, i didn't felt suffocated.  Forgot to mention that the cave is already equipped with lights so you won't need your flashlights too much, our guide lend us his flashlight for us to see on the dark spots.

Going out

Going down

(Credits to Ate Jo who took this photo)

Crystal key chains i bought on their shop
My Apologies, i cannot post more photos inside the cave since most of the photos i have are blurry because we are only using our mobile phones.

Mayon Planetarium in Tabaco City Albay

We don't do much on this spot, we just actually checked the overlooking view of Tabaco City, took a lot of photos and go to our next destination. 
Another group picture :)
(Credits to Ate Jo who took this photo)

Money sign with the Mayon Planetarium on the background
(Credits to whoever took this photo)

Kawa Kawa national park in Ligao City Albay

We were not able to go all the way through the last station, my group only reached up to station 7, we were just so lazy. LOL


Going up
(Credits to Ate Jo who took this photo)

One of the stations

Lignon Hill park in Legazpi City Albay
Our Last destination, the Lignon Hill.
There we tried Zip line, it was my first and i was so scared, actually we were all scared.
When the crew is already doing my harness i can already hear my own heartbeat and when they released me, i was really shouting on top of my lungs but as i go further, i started smiling because i was stunned by the view, i closed my eyes and enjoy the cool air on my face, and after that ride, i wanted more. I will definitely do it again if i will be given a chance.

Ate Jo with the Jaw dropping Mayon Volcano on the background

It's ME! 

Jade with the overlooking Legaspi City on the background

Another photo of me, Chillin'


Mouth watering! Laing or Pinangat of Bicol

To be continued...

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