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3D/2N Baler Itinerary | April 13-16 2013

We decided to go to Baler since we are celebrating our first year anniversary together, and I also don't want to be at the office on that special day. I wanted to unwind that's why I planned for an out of town adventure with my boyfriend. 
Day 1 (April 13 2013)
5:00 am End of shift
5:15 am Took a cab from Makati to Genesis Bus terminal Cubao
5:30 am Reached Genesis Bus terminal
*According to the dispatcher all buses bound to Baler already left so we did the alternative route which is the ES Transport bus (few steps away from the Genesis bus terminal) going to Cabanatuan via sctex.
6:30 am off to Cabanatuan, travel time is approx. 2-3hrs fare: Php 185
10:00 am Reached Cabanatuan and transferred to D liner an ordinary bus going to baler, travel time is approx. 4-5hrs fare: Php 221. They also got an aircon bus there in cabanatuan terminal but we decided to ride the ordinary bus because there is no available aircon bus yet.
2:30 pm Arrived at Baler market

We hired 2 tricycles asked them to bring us to Genesis Liner and booked our bus tickets going back to manila. Me and my boyfriend was not able to book tickets since we are still undecided what time and when are we going back while Ollie and Ingrid was able to book their ticket with Executive Joybus fare Php 700. There are only 3 Joybus from Baler - Manila so it's better to reserve your ticket ahead of time. While Genesis do not allow reservations, their first trip starts at 4:30 am until 10:30 am, Buses leaves every hour.

visit their Website for more info: Genesis bus liner

Our tricycle drivers also helped us to find computer cafe because I forgot to print our Itinerary. Then we went to Sabang beach and looked for a place to stay. Unfortunately, all the hotels at the beach front are already fully booked, so our tricycle drivers helped us find an alternative place to stay near the market.

We found a Lodge near the market (forgot the name) room rate cost Php 1000 good for 4 person already.

Our tricycle drivers asked if we want to hire them as our tour guides, their rate is Php 800, I asked them to include the Dicasalarin cove to our tour but they are asking for additional Php 200 because according to them it is far, they also told us not to pay that day's fee since they will be picking us on the lodge the next day. We tried to bargain the Php 1000 fee, but they just told us that check on the distance first then we decide.
4:00 pm We ate at rolling stores and we decided to go back at the beach front and reserve Hotel for tomorrow. We made a reservation at Pacific Waves inn, we took the Php 2200 room which is good for 4 people.

Pacific Waves Inn Facebook page

After our reservations we walked at the shore and ate Isaw while watching surfers on the beach.
6:00 pm We went back to the Lodge, freshen up and sleep.

Day 2 (April 14 2013)

5:00 am Woke up
7:00 am Start of tour
We started our tour from the farthest spot.

* Our first destination was Dicasalarin cove, it is 20-30 minutes travel time from the Baler Market.The road is narrow and scary because it is located at the edge of the mountain. Our Driver stopped and told us to go on the edge so we could see the whole cove. It was scary but the view is so perfect.

When we reached the Cove we visited first the Artist Village where we saw several paintings and figurines. After taking pictures, I already asked our tour guide to bring us to the beach.

The Cove is okay, i'm not impressed, it looks better on the picture that I saw on the internet, waves are high, there is a fresh water on the other side just like anawangin.
Entrance fee: Php 20 per tricycle
Steep road going to Dicasalarin Cove (That's why we had to walk for few meters)
Dicasalarin Cove top view (tricycle made a stopover for us to be able to see the whole cove)
Bridge at the Artist Village
The Cove
*Next stop is PAG ASA weather station
Actually it is not included on my itinerary but our tricycle driver brought us there since it is only few meters away from the Dicasalarin cove, we saw a huge round thing on the roof deck of the station, according to the PAG ASA personnel it helps them track if there is an incoming typhoon, he only let us stayed on the roof deck for 5 minutes because that huge round thing is releasing huge amount of radiation if turned on.
Entrance fee: Donation only
Outside the PAG ASA weather station
PAGASA radar
We found these solar panels outside the station
*Lukso Lukso Islets
Very rocky with big waves beach, we just took photos and went to the other spots

The Beach
Rock formations
*Diguisit waterfalls
I did not attempt to climb all the way up because it is slippery and steep
*Ermita Hill Park
Tribute to the 7 families that survived the Tsunami year 1735
Ermita Hill view
*Aurora-Aragon Quezon's House

*Quezon Memorial Park and Museo De Baler
Outside the Museum
Cool paintings inside the museum
Preserved Philippine bird at Museo de Baler
11:00 am First half of the tour ended
We took our Lunch at Gerry Shan's (My boyfriend just saw a poster while we are on our way to Baler)          
Buffet meal cost PHP 185 (Based on our visit)
After lunch we checked out to the lodge and go to the Pacific waves inn, left our things to one of their nipa hut since they are still cleaning our room and it is not yet time to check in.
1:00pm Second half of the tour
*Ditumabo mother falls
We saved a lot of walking since our tour brought their tricycles all the way to the feet of the mountain even the road is rocky and steep.
From the feet of the mountain, it took us 30 minutes trek to reach the falls.
Keep walking and we're almost there!
The scenery is breath taking, the falls is so high, the water is crystal clear and tempting, of all the spots that we visited this is the best. We were not able to swim on the water since we still have other spots to visit. But I promised myself that I will go back to this place.    
* The famous Balete tree
According to our guide, the tree is the oldest Balete tree in town, it is really big to the point that you can go inside and end up on the other side of the tree, it is like a warp zone.LOL
4:00 pm Tour ends

We paid Php 1000/Tricycle for the effort.
Tour Guide Contact:
Gary @ 0948 957 9253
Went back to hotel, freshen up, rest
8:00 pm Dinner, sleep
Day 3 (April 15 2013)
We woke up early because we wanted to witness the sunrise, but too bad it was a gloomy morning and it seems like it rained the whole night, we waited for the sun but it did not came out.
we just went back to hotel and rest again
11:00 am we went to Mahdox to rent surf board and a trainer that cost Php 350/hr all in.
PS: Reserve your tickets and book your hotel accommodation early to avoid hassle.
There are many tourist spots that you can visit in Aurora

Check out their official website for more info.

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