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Republic Wakepark , Sta Rosa Laguna

Date: January 20, 2013
Republic wake park is located 5 kms away from Nuvali park in Tagaytay. This is my third wake boarding experience, My first was at CWC Camsur during our Bicol trip year 2012, second was in this place too same year.
I really enjoyed my first try that's why we found ourselves doing it again.
It's a typical Sunday morning when we left manila as we do not want to get caught in traffic. What's new on this trip? Well, this time we tried the Pro course since we've been very good at the beginner's course. Unfortunately, I underestimated it because even though I am already good at my balance I still find it hard to stand on the board, I always leave my feet making my upper body being dragged by the cable. Sad thing is I did not make it, LOL, after many attempts we went back to the beginner's course.
The line is long, took us roughly 30 mins or so before we were able to take our chance to ride because there's a large group of people before us. I am recommending to go there during weekdays to avoid long lines.

After 1 ride on the beginner's course we've decided to taken a shower and eat lunch at Gerry's grill in Nuvali.

By the way if you are a first timer, do not hesitate because they have instructors on the beginner's and pro course, they're all friendly and will teach you proper positioning.

Here's some of the photos of our trip.

Rates: (Prices may change without prior notice)
If you don't have gears, you can rent on the front desk but they require deposit but you'll have your money back after returning them.
Wake Park entrance:

Shower rooms near the parking area
The Pro course
Behind the pro course is the RWP's restaurant
Souvenir shop
On sale!!!
The shop always offers items on sale, so you might want to check them out before leaving
Restaurant Tables
Pro course line
Pro course (too much exposure.. sorry! :))
Beginner’s wakeline
Me getting ready
On the board
nice! poser! lol
* You can also visit their Facebook page


The stars aligned and I finally able to stand on the pro course. Want proof?
watch this video :p

(All photos are mine)

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