Sunday, April 28, 2013

My weekend turned out so well.| Majayjay Falls/Imelda Falls

It was an awesome Friday shift until my Lead told us that we are in need to render an RDOT. I was pissed at first because everything is planned and I am already excited to our out of town trip. I bargained but she didn't allow me to go that's why I ditched reporting for O.T. The hell.. lol. That decision I made was worth it.

Our Itinerary below this post. :)

March 3-5 2012

8:00 am we're on our way to Lucena Quezon because we need to pick up some things that we will be needing on our camping trip.

12:30 pm we arrived at Lucena, ate lunch and rest 
3:00 pm we headed to Laguna
4:00 pm we arrived to our destination
I found out that Majayjay is actually a town, the real name of the falls is Imelda falls. They Named it after the late President's wife Imelda Marcos.
Upon arrival, we did some trekking but good thing the trail is already concrete, I bet they spent huge amount of money on the construction of it.

We set up our tents near the falls and by the way you can rent a tent and other camping materials there, the locals will approach and ask you if you needed something. In our case we rented 1 tent and 2 lamps.

Around 5:30 pm  We are fully set up.

The next thing we did is prepping our food, our menu is Fried Tofu, Grilled pork belly, fried egg plant and salted egg, Yummy, we ate with our barehands. :)

8:00 pm while I am washing my hands on the running water beside our camp, I heard something, then when I followed the sound I saw that there's a tiny blinking light, at first I thought it was just a kid playing with a laser pointer but when it crosses the water I know its not a kid anymore, then I asked my BF if that's a firefly, he said YES, I felt happy and fulfilled because I've never seen a firefly in person. haha

8:30 pm after dinner we planned to drink, we even already mixed our drinks but everyone's tired so we just brushed our teeth and went to sleep.

NEXT morning

5:00 am I was awakened by the rain but I've decided to go back to sleep because I still feel tired.

11:00 am we've decided to finally swim to the falls, the water is freezing! Every muscle in my body trembled, I also had a goosebumps but eventually my body adjusted very well on the water's temperature. We stayed for a while, the falls is a little rocky that's why I cannot swim because I'm afraid that I might bump my feet to big rocks.
Then we left and hopefully soon, I will be able to go back to the place and have a longer dip.

Here are some photos taken on our trip:

Entrance where you need to log in and pay for entrance fee
Our tent
Other campers
The Food
The Falls
(All photos are mine)


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